a pair of glasses lays on an open book with two highlighters, yellow and blue [Image by creator Hans from Pixabay]

CFPB Focuses on Junk Fees, Credit Reporting, and COVID-19 Relief Funds in Latest Supervisory Highlights

29 November 2022

Person holding up a chalkboard that says "Give Back" [Image by creator christianchan from AdobeStock]

ConServe Cares Program Supports The Salvation Army of Rochester

29 November 2022

Fat gold letters "M & A" sitting on a wooden background [Image by creator Tim from AdobeStock]

A Candid Conversation About The Recent Sale of A Mid-size Accounts Receivable Management Firm

28 November 2022

 [Image by creator Krasimira Nevenova from AdobeStock]

NYC Debt Collector Rules - Amendments Proposed; Public Hearing to be Held Dec 5th

28 November 2022

Photo of hourglass with sand all in the bottom [Image by creator Zerophoto from AdobeStock]

FTC Extends Deadline for Updated Safeguards Rule by Six Months

23 November 2022

 [Image by creator bbourdages from AdobeStock]

CFPB Files Cert Petition Requesting Expedited Review of Fifth Circuit Decision Finding Funding Structure Unconstitutional

22 November 2022

Arms of 5 business people holding up different colored large "quote" marks [Image by creator Sergey Nivens from AdobeStock]

Don't Block Valid Text Messages - CRC Files Comments on FCC’s Proposed Rule

21 November 2022

Image from a dictionary showing the word leg-is-la-tion [Image by creator Art of Success from AdobeStock]

What Creditors and Medical Services Providers Need to Know About D.C.’s Amended Debt Collection Law

17 November 2022

Image of a ripped piece of brown paper exposing a white background and the word "dispute" [Image by creator tumsasedgars from AdobeStock]

CFPB Issues Circular on Investigation of Consumer Reporting Disputes

16 November 2022

 [Image by creator Leigh Prather from AdobeStock]

Technology is Key to Compliance & Self-Service: An Interview with Finvi

15 November 2022

Trophy [Image by creator chones from AdobeStock]

Midland Credit Management Names ProVest Partner of the Year

15 November 2022

 [Image by creator bbourdages from AdobeStock]

Only Consumers Can Enforce FDCPA’s Third-Party Disclosure Provisions, Eight Circuit Holds

14 November 2022

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Court Decisions" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

Eleventh Circuit Vacates Dismissal of FDCPA Case and Finds that Wasted Time and Emotional Distress Can Confer Article III Standing

10 November 2022

A sea of white blocks that say "manual work" with one green ball that says "automate it!" [Image by creator iQoncept from AdobeStock]

Three Tips for Successful Automated Debt Collections (sponsored)

10 November 2022

 [Image by creator Frank Fennema from AdobeStock]

State Attorney General Calls on CFPB to Heed Fifth Circuit’s Ruling in Community Financial Services Association of America

9 November 2022

A sea of small white paper boats "swimming up stream", with one blue boat swimming off to the side [Image by creator Worawut from AdobeStock]

Compliance From the Top Down: An Interview with TCN

8 November 2022

Chairs around large table [Image by creator peterschreiber.media from AdobeStock]

National Creditors Bar Association, President Steve Markoff, Swear in New Board at Tampa Conference

8 November 2022

 [Image by creator atoss from AdobeStock]

CFPB Responds to Fifth Circuit Ruling that its Funding Mechanism is Unconstitutional

7 November 2022

Brick wall with ladder leading to the top, where it says "Next Step" [Image by creator alexmillos from AdobeStock]

Whitney Carpenter Announced as Vice President of Operations at Absolute Resolutions Corp.

7 November 2022

 [Image by creator enterlinedesign from AdobeStock]

Defeating Credit Repair Organizations - Recent Win in FL Case Highlights Successful Strategies

3 November 2022