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Encore, Noble Corp, PACE and Others Provide Comments to FCC on Post-Marks TCPA Interpretations

19 October 2018


Court Grants Summary Judgment to Defendants in TCPA Case Because System Did not Dial Randomly or Sequentially, Marks Never Mentioned

15 October 2018


35 State Attorneys General Request the FCC to Implement New Rules to Combat Illegal Spam Robocalls

11 October 2018

Attorney Insight: The FCC's TCPA Consent Order

Another Representative Sends Letter to FCC Chairman Pai Addressing the Need for TCPA Clarity

10 October 2018

Attorney Insight: The FCC's TCPA Consent Order

FCC Seeks Further Comment on Interpretation of the TCPA in Light of the Ninth Circuit's Marks Decision

4 October 2018


Chairman Pai Responds to Republican House Representatives on TCPA, Agrees Clarity Needed

20 September 2018


Start Mastering the Text Message and Make Next Year Your Best Yet

11 September 2018

iA-FCC Commissioners 8.2018

FCC Only Briefly Discusses Robocalls During Senate Hearing

16 August 2018


Senate Committee Sets First FCC Oversight Hearing For Tomorrow Following Chairman’s TCPA Letter

15 August 2018


Republican Senators Submit Letter to FCC Chairman Requesting Quick Clarification of TCPA

2 August 2018


FCC to Report on Robocall Progress; Fundamental Issues Remain Related to Debt Collection

22 June 2018


New Consumer Strategy for Baiting FDCPA Violations, and Use of Text Messages in Debt Collection

21 June 2018


Consumer-Side TCPA Comments Reviewed: CFPB Respectful, Consumer Action Aggressive, Cunningham and Moskowitz Taciturn in their Comments to FCC

19 June 2018


From Bad Reyes to Worse Reyes: Court Refuses to Certify ATDS Functionality Ruling for Interlocutory Appeal

14 June 2018


BCFP Advises FCC to Carefully Consider ATDS Definition in Context of Debt Collection

14 June 2018


Mystery Solved!: So That’s What Happened to the FCC’s Order Implementing the BBA Amendment to the TCPA Exempting Collectors of Government-Backed Debt

12 June 2018


You May Need to Adjust Your Calling Practices: Verizon

23 May 2018


You Should be Aware of the Latest in Federal and State Activity to Stop Robocalls

16 May 2018


FCC Seeks Input for TCPA Reinterpretation

15 May 2018


Call Blocking/Labeling: Big Impact, But Little Understanding

3 May 2018