Debt collectors work with universities, colleges and private lenders to collect student loans. For education loans backed by the federal government, the U.S. Department of Education has a clearly-defined collection program that uses private collection agencies. Recent changes in federal law will shift all previously federally backed loans to direct loans from the federal government, cutting private lenders out of the equation.

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CFPB, States Sue Company Over Deceptive Student Lending and Collection

26 July 2023

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CFPB Report Finds Some Financial Institutions and Colleges May Be Steering Students to More Expensive Financial Products

25 October 2022

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CFPB Focuses on Student Loans — Especially Those Made by Schools — in Latest Supervisory Highlights

17 October 2022

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California Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regulating Student Loan Servicing

15 September 2022

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CFPB Enters into Consent Order with Student Loan Servicer to Settle Alleged UDAAP Violations in Connection with FFELP Loans

18 April 2022

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Federal Student Loan Repayment Paused Additional 90 Days

3 January 2022

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The End of an Era: ED Officially Ends all Collection Agency Contracts; Recalls Accounts

9 November 2021

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California DFPI Enters Groundbreaking Consent Order with NY-Based Income Share Agreements Servicer

9 August 2021

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CFPB and FTC Each Issue Fines/Penalties Against Debt Settlement Companies

24 May 2021

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California Joins 11 Other States Seeking an End to Adversarial Relationship With Department of Education

11 March 2021

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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Might Be Needed, But How About Solving the Underlying Problem?

10 February 2021

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AG of New York Extends Debt Collection Suspension for 10th Time

2 February 2021

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An Honest Discussion on the Impact of Cancelling Student Loan Debt

28 January 2021

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CFPB Taskforce Report (Part 2): The 19 Focus Areas and 102 Recommendations of Volume 2

7 January 2021

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CFPB's Latest Report Focuses on Actual Payment Information in Credit Reports

2 December 2020

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Credit Eco To Go: A State of the ARM Industry Discussion

21 September 2020

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Former Students With Defaulted Federal Loans Are Missing Out on a Key Cares Act Benefit

10 September 2020

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Attorneys General Band Together, Urge Senate to Provide Further Student Loan Relief

6 August 2020

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Hit from Both Sides: Third Circuit Allows CFPB and State AG to Run Concurrent Lawsuits Against Navient

29 July 2020

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Federal Student Aid Cancels Second of Three NextGen Solicitations, Makes Awards in One

15 July 2020