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Another Seat at the Table: CFPB Adds Another Member to Taskforce

22 January 2020

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Collection Oversight Expanding from Coast to Coast: Calif.’s Mini-CFPB and N.Y.’s Debt Collector Licensing

16 January 2020

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CFPB Opens Up Applications for Consumer Advisory Board

15 January 2020

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CFPB Forms Taskforce to Review Federal Consumer Financial Laws, Includes Zywicki

13 January 2020

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2020: What’s on the Horizon for the Debt Collection Industry

6 January 2020

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Supplemental NPRM for Time-Barred Debts Coming "Very Early in 2020"

19 December 2019

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Chairwoman Waters Criticizes Kraninger for Political Appointee Candidate to Lead CFPB's Enforcement Team

18 December 2019

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Credit Reporting Issues Highlighted in the FTC's and CFPB's Workshop

12 December 2019

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Debt Collector Accuses Lexington Law of Destroying Evidence in Lawsuit on Credit Dispute Letters

26 November 2019

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CFPB, ED Sued for Failure to Oversee Student Loan Servicers

26 November 2019

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CFPB Regulatory Agenda Marks Final Debt Collection Rule for 2020...And the Clock is Ticking to Avoid CRA Nullification

25 November 2019

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Legitimate Debt Collector or Scam? CFPB Releases Video to Educate Consumers on Spotting the Differences

21 November 2019

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Senators Demand CFPB Review Payment Processing Errors at Student Loan Servicer, Denials of Loan Forgiveness

30 October 2019

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U.S. Supreme Court to Review Constitutionality of CFPB Structure: What Does It Mean?

21 October 2019

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Three Hot Topics—and Some Partisan Squabbling—Highlighted at Kraninger's Congressional Hearing

17 October 2019

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CFPB’s Proposed Debt Collection Rule: Perspectives from the Comment Period

17 October 2019

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CFPB Seeks Experts in Consumer Financial Markets, Laws, and Regulations for its New Taskforce

15 October 2019

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CFPB's Semi-Annual Report Contains Some, But Not Much, Information About Debt Collection

10 October 2019

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Debt Collection Industry Again Left Out of CFPB's Consumer Advisory Board

7 October 2019

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CFPB Proposes Debt Collection Rule that Congress Rejected [Podcast]

3 October 2019