Mitigating the Risk of Dialing Post-TCPA Ruling

The top four pain points of customer concern and tips on how agencies can continue to utilize dialing and messaging technology.

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Utilizing Technology to Mitigate the Risk of Dialing in the Wake of the Latest FCC-TCPA Ruling

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US District Court in Illinois Finds Disclosure of Potential Tax Consequences for Settling an Account is Misleading to Consumer

Another ARM firm is caught in the “no-win” scenario of including so-called 1099(c) disclosures in a letter to a consumer. Many financial institutions are requiring ARM firms to include 1099(c) disclosures in their initial letters to consumers. It is not clear from the pleadings whether the client in this case mandated that their agency include the language in the letter sent to the Plaintiff. But, if so, companies like this defendant are put in an untenable position.

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