A debt buyer is a firm that purchases debt from another company, usually a creditor or bank, at a deeply discounted rate. The debt purchaser then attempts to collect the debt through its own operations or through the use of a third-party debt collection agency. Some debt buyers may sell all or part of the debt to another party at a profit. Most debt buyers are small and privately held, though there is a handful of publicly traded debt buying companies. Recent changes in law and legal rulings have seen the debt buying industry regulated like collection agencies, or servicers of debt, rather than creditors, or owners of the debt. Debt buyers must adhere to the FDCPA.

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What You May Not Know About The Practice of "Pay-for-Delete"

14 February 2019


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13 February 2019


A Healthy Resale Market Is Vital To Our Industry – And We Need to Educate the CFPB’s New Leadership on This Important Issue

24 January 2019


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5 December 2018


N.D. Illinois: Debt Buyer Cannot Collect Interest if Implicitly Waived by Original Creditor’s Actions; Finds Debt Buyer is Subject to FDCPA

27 September 2018


2 New Rules in Massachusetts Add to Requirements for Default Judgment

19 July 2018


N.D. California: 1692g Validation Notice Not Overshadowed by CFDBPA Disclosure

21 June 2018


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18 June 2018


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22 May 2018

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3 May 2018


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17 April 2018


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12 April 2018

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5 March 2018


Stirling Capital Management to Become Stirling Capital Advisors

12 February 2018


RMA Elects Directors and Officers

12 February 2018

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24 January 2018

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Perfect Storm Coalesces as Division of Banks, Debt Buyers and Consumer Lawyers Await Decision in Massachusetts

16 January 2018


Indiana District Court Adopts Supreme Court's Analysis of Definition of a Debt Collector

31 October 2017

Court Rules Verification Docs Fulfill “Least Sophisticated Consumer” Standard

21 September 2017


Encore Capital Group Announces Q2 Results, Provides Views on State of the Industry

8 August 2017