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insideARM Weekly Recap – Week of July 8th, 2024

15 July 2024

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insideARM Weekly Recap – Week of June 10th, 2024

17 June 2024

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CFPB Issues UDAAP Guidance On Contracts for Consumer Financial Products and Services

11 June 2024

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CFPB Encourages New York to Ban Unfair or Abusive Conduct

27 March 2024

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CFPB Removes Changes Regarding Discrimination as an Unfair Practice From UDAAP Exam Manual but Appeals From District Court Order Vacating Changes

15 November 2023

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Texas Federal District Court Invalidates CFPB Exam Manual Changes Which Opined that Discrimination is a UDAAP Violation

12 September 2023

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CFPB Sues Auto Loan Servicer for UDAAP Violations

10 August 2023

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CRC to CFPB: Abusive Act Policy Statement is Unclear; Will Harm Consumers

13 July 2023

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Lowering the Bar: CFPB Unveils Its Playbook on Combatting “Abusiveness”

6 April 2023

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CFPB Focuses on Junk Fees, Credit Reporting, and COVID-19 Relief Funds in Latest Supervisory Highlights

29 November 2022

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Other Trade Groups File Lawsuit Against CFPB Challenging UDAAP Update to Exam Manual

4 October 2022

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UDAAP Frenzy: The CFPB’s Focus on Data and Why it Matters to the ARM Industry

30 August 2022

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CFPB Claims Oversight Over More Entities Including Fintechs; Says it Will Publish Supervisory Determinations

26 April 2022

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CFPB has Busy April - Reaches Agreements for Fines and Penalties with Two Organizations

21 April 2021

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CFPB Issues Guidelines on Serving Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Consumers

14 January 2021

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CFPB Taskforce Report (Part 2): The 19 Focus Areas and 102 Recommendations of Volume 2

7 January 2021

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The CFPB Curtails the Activities of an Unlicensed Debt Collector: Striking a Chord Between State Licensing Compliance and the FDCPA

10 December 2020

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CFPB Hosts First Symposium, Highlights Differences in Opinion on UDAAP’s “Abusive”

25 June 2019

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CFPB to Host First Symposium Focusing on “Abusive” of UDAAP on June 25

12 June 2019

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CFPB Announces Symposia Series, Will Clarify "Abusive Acts and Practices" and Discuss Consumer Privacy

23 April 2019