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Looking Back on 2022: A Dynamic Year for the ARM Industry

19 December 2022

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Debunked! Four Compliance Myths and Misconceptions for Collections

29 September 2022

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Debunking Three Compliance Myths Regarding Texting in Collections & Recovery

9 August 2022

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CFPB Releases Reg F Guidance

2 August 2022

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Washington Court Sides with Hunstein Copycat; Rejects Main Industry Defenses

15 June 2022

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Why ARM Companies Must Operationalize Reg F Compliance Now

19 April 2022

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3 Compliance Myths about Email for Digital Debt Collections/Recovery

7 April 2022

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CFPB Revises Debt Collection Exam Procedure

14 March 2022

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The Correct Answers to Questions about the Limited Content Message and Model Validation Notice [Video]

3 March 2022

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Consumer Relations Consortium Comments on NYDFS Proposed Alterations to Debt Collection Rule

17 February 2022

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Colorado Clarifies Intersection Between Regulation F and State Disclosure Requirement

21 December 2021

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CFPB Releases A Reg F Consumer FAQ

6 December 2021

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FTC Releases Do Not Call Registry Data Book

1 December 2021

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What to Expect: Day 1 of Regulation F

30 November 2021

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TCN Launches Online Regulation F Guide for Collection Agencies to Maintain Compliance in Their Communication Practices

17 November 2021

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15 Days Until Reg F is Here! 3 Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Reg F Effective Date NOW

15 November 2021

A binder that says "Guidelines" on the spine sitting on a desk with a pen, calculator, and open binder [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

CFPB Releases Additional Reg F Guidance

1 November 2021

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11th Circuit Issues Substitute Opinion in Hunstein; Will Dissent provide Key for Defense Against Copycats?

29 October 2021

A binder that says "Guidelines" on the spine sitting on a desk with a pen, calculator, and open binder [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

CFPB Releases Spanish Model Validation Notice

25 October 2021

A blackboard with x's and o's depicting a football play [Image by creator yeyen from AdobeStock]

Consent vs. Preference in Reg F - Don't Confuse Them

20 October 2021