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This was a fantastic year for We owe all of that, of course, to our readers.

Part of creating good content for busy professionals is knowing what they like. In reviewing our site data in 2012, we discovered what you read on our site. We thought it would be interesting to share.

Thanks again, and good luck in 2013!


Most Popular News Articles

Judge Rules for Collection Agency in Voicemail Case; Foti Compliance Evolving – May 14

Large Settlement Announced in TCPA Class Action Against Collection Agency – May 25

Brad Pitt Developing Debt Collector Series for HBO – November 30

I can’t say these results were too surprising. The top two directly impact day-to-day operations at debt collection agencies and the third one, well, Brad Pitt is awfully handsome.

I do think it’s interesting that the two cases dealt directly with TCPA concerns, rather than the usual FDCPA matters. It makes sense, as the TCPA moves more to the front of compliance managers’ minds. We’ll see what happens on that front in 2013.


Most Popular Opinion Pieces

My Shocking First Month as a Debt Collector – August 14

New Patent Could Turn U.S. Debt Portfolio Market on its Ear – July 31

How to Collect on Time-Barred Debt – February 1

These were three great pieces on three very different topics. The top one was a submission from a writer who took a job as a debt collector to make some cash. It’s a fantastic read and totally different than what you’re probably expecting. Our next article comes from insideARM’s own Michael Klozotsky, and he’s talking about some boring technology stuff (that has explicit impact on the ARM industry, of course). And the final one was a lawyery piece from insideARM friend and attorney bard, John Rossman.


Most Popular Special Features and Sections

Best Places to Work in Collections 2012

The Complaints Issue

The Student Loans Issue


Does anyone have anything they’d like to nominate for their favorite 2012 content? Let us know in the comments below.

Continuing the Discussion

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