The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted in 1977 to protect consumers from abusive, unfair, and deceptive practices by third-party debt collectors. The law details when and how a collector may contact a debtor. The government enforcer of the law has historically been the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), but some regulatory duties may be shared with the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection housed within the Federal Reserve, created in 2010. The FDCPA is a strict civil liability law, which means that a consumer need not prove actual damages in order to claim statutory damages of up to $1,000 per violation plus reasonable attorney fees.

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Oregon’s District Court: Collection Agencies’ Omissions Don’t Automatically Equal Malevolence

15 August 2017


Debt Collector Prevails by Using Safe Harbor Language on Letters in Current Balance Case

15 August 2017


FDCPA Bona Fide Error Defense Did Not Protect Debt Collector Despite Following Controlling Precedent, En Banc Seventh Circuit Rules

9 August 2017


Two FDCPA Class Actions Dismissed, Citing Supreme Court Ruling in Midland v. Johnson

3 August 2017


First Party Servicing on Medical Accounts: The Federal and State Landscape Continues to Shift

1 August 2017


FDCPA Case Law Review for June and July 2017

31 July 2017


Midland Dodges Class Certification Request in Illinois Letter Case

27 July 2017


Consumer's Credit Repair Agreement Becomes Issue in Collection Dispute

20 July 2017


5th Cir. Holds Debt Collector’s Obligation to Report Debt as Disputed Not Limited By § 1692g

20 July 2017


Third Circuit Rules in Favor of Debt Collector in Font Size Case

17 July 2017


House Subcommittee Considers Bills, Including Debt Collection

13 July 2017


Calls to Consumer Prior to Processing Cease & Desist Letter Do Not Violate FDCPA

11 July 2017


$25 Medical Bill Turns into $34,500 TCPA Judgment and FDCPA Claim for Damages Still to be Litigated

5 July 2017


FDCPA Case Law Review for April and May 2017

28 June 2017


Minnesota Court Rules Attorney Serving Notice of Lien Not Immune from FDCPA Requirements

22 June 2017


$200 Debt Turns into $500 Jury Verdict …and $36,000 in Attorney Fees

20 June 2017


What You Should Know About "Standing" Since Spokeo

19 June 2017


WV Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Debt Collector on Call Volume

14 June 2017


Federal Court Dismisses Class Action Alleging Solicitation for Payments on Time-Barred Debt is "Misleading" Under FDCPA

13 June 2017


Suggestive Medical Collection Letters under Fire in Texas FDCPA Class Action

12 June 2017