Debt Collection and ARM Events & Conferences




December 16

Collection and Recovery: Increasing Customer Loyalty and Reducing Reputation Risk
Free FICO Webinar
As a leader in the financial industry you understand the importance of customer treatment through the credit lifecycle. It has never been more critical to ensure your organization acts like and is viewed as a responsible lender.  By creating a culture that helps consumers better understand the circumstances around latency and avoidance, you position yourself for growth as a modern day lender. These are the principles that drove A.J. Travagline, while Head of Collections at Entercard, a leading European Bank, to drive a reinvention of the his organization’s Collection and Recovery process. Register.

December 18

insideCompliance: Call-Baiting Paid Webinar, 2.00 p.m. Eastern
Almost all collectors have a story like this: a consumer, armed with tips and tricks from an Internet message board, baits the collector into a violation. Maybe the consumer caused the collector to forget to give a mini-Miranda. Maybe the consumer confused the collector into the wrong disclosures. Call baiting happens. It’s expensive. And it puts your collectors and your agency at risk. Join insideARM’s Compliance Webinar Series to get some best practices on how to recognize and diffuse call-baiting attempts, and how to recover from call-baiting mistakes your collectors may have made. Register.



January 7-10

ACA International’s 2015 Leadership Symposium (Members Only)
The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler – British Columbia, Canada
Do you have what it takes to be a dynamic, effective leader in the credit and collection industry? Then ACA International’s 2015 Leadership Symposium is for you! Take your place and explore how your fellow industry leaders approach the same challenges you face every business day. More info.

January 21-23

International Association of Commercial Collectors Annual Convention 2015
The James Royal Palm Hotel – Miami Beach, Fla.
The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.’s (IACC) Annual Convention is often praised by attendees for its laid-back, yet professional atmosphere. It is a unique meeting where attendees feel comfortable being candid with one another and sharing information with the end goal being to help each other as a collective commercial collection industry. More info.


February 3-5

18th Annual DBA International Conference
Aria – Las Vegas
DBA International is in full gear making preparations for our 18th Annual Conference – Passport to the Future. This conference brings together all the players in the industry – welcoming over 1,200 attendees and showcasing over 130 exhibit booths – and provides abundant networking opportunities with key participants in the debt buying industry including many of the major creditors and international members. More info.


April 23

insideARM Larger Market Participant Summit
FHI360 Conference Center – Washington, DC and The iA Institute are hosting the third annual Larger Market Participant Summit on April 23, 2015 in Washington, D.C. This exclusive event caters to the unique interests of the larger firms in the ARM industry, with unparalleled peer networking, best practice discussion, panels focused on the latest regulatory issues…and no exhibit hall. More info.

April 24

iA Institute Creditor-Collector Workshop
FHI360 Conference Center – Washington, DC
This Workshop series provides a platform for an ongoing dialogue between a group of forward-thinking creditors and collectors in a forum that facilitates action, as well as information. Discussions take place primarily in groups of approximately 20 participants. There will be no exhibit hall and a 1:1 ratio of creditors to collectors, so neither group feels out-numbered. More info.