Debt collectors are regulated by the FTC on the federal level. At the state level, attorneys general are typically responsible for enforcing state and federal laws. A few local governments also separately regulate debt collectors. The laws that govern the ARM industry are civil, meaning that liability is almost always monetary. So a state’s attorney general will not file criminal charges against a debt collector accused of violating the law, rather, he/she will sue for damages. Collection laws include federal and state statutes that govern the proper operation of companies and personnel that work in the debt collection industry. The most comprehensive collection law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Other federal laws that collectors must follow include the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the data security requirements of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA).

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Breaking: 2nd Circuit Says TCPA Consent Not Revocable if Part of Contract

23 June 2017


Minnesota Court Rules Attorney Serving Notice of Lien Not Immune from FDCPA Requirements

22 June 2017


Maine Adopts New Law for Debt Buyers

21 June 2017


$200 Debt Turns into $500 Jury Verdict …and $36,000 in Attorney Fees

20 June 2017


WV Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Debt Collector on Call Volume

14 June 2017


U.S. Supreme Court Holds Debt Purchaser Collecting Its Own Debt Is Not Subject to FDCPA

13 June 2017


Federal Court Dismisses Class Action Alleging Solicitation for Payments on Time-Barred Debt is "Misleading" Under FDCPA

13 June 2017


Industry Association Urges Caution When Interpreting Santander Decision

13 June 2017


Why the CFPB’s Decision to Change Course on Debt Collection Rulemaking is a Very Big Deal

12 June 2017


CFPB To Intertwine "Right Consumer, Right Amount" Creditor and Debt Collector Rules

8 June 2017


Court Sides With Collector on Out-of-Stat Disclosure

7 June 2017


Motions for Summary Judgment Denied in Case of Collection Letter That Failed to State Interest Would Accrue

6 June 2017


Are Significant Changes To Class Actions On The Horizon? - Part One

6 June 2017

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6 June 2017


"Ringless Voicemail" Petition at FCC: Another Factor to Consider in TCPA Compliance

5 June 2017


Collection Letter That Failed to State Interest or Fees No Longer Accruing Does Not Violate FDCPA

5 June 2017


Bock v. Pressler Returns; Court Rules Again for Plaintiff

1 June 2017


No Documented Procedures, No Bona Fide Error Defense

18 May 2017


U.S. Supreme Court Rejects FDCPA Liability in Bankruptcy Proceeding

17 May 2017


CFPB Makes Somewhat Unsurprising Finding in the Ridiculously Complicated World of Student Loan Repayment

17 May 2017