Third-Party Debt Buyer Increased Right-Party Contact Rates by 60% – Learn How

A well-established third-party debt buyer needed help. The company excelled at the core collections process, with strong predictive modeling identifying customers most likely to repay, but needed to be more efficient in contacting right parties – while mitigating risk to TCPA compliance.

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TCPA Operational Efficiencies: Collections Case Study

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CFPB Reform Bill Introduced in House Designed to Pass Congress

Like similar efforts over the past several years, a Republican lawmaker has introduced legislation that would change the structure of the CFPB, and even its name. But unlike previous attempts, this particular bill is narrow enough in focus that it has a good chance of passing Congress, especially given the recent change in power in the Senate.

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For years, strategic thinkers in the debt industry have known that student loans offers the most growth opportunity. But how safe is that assumption in light of the scrutiny everyone is giving education loans right now?

Congress is looking into how the government manages its student loan portfolios, the CFPB is taking a more active role in regulating the market — especially for consumer behind on their payments — and now, this: the possibility that accounts will be taken away from private ARM firms and given to in-house Treasury collectors.

So is this still the safe sector we all have assumed?

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