U.S. hospitals provided $45.9B in uncompensated care in 2012 – Statistical Modeling can help you get paid!

With growing debt and rising costs, healthcare providers and medical debt collectors are turning to statistical modeling to develop a more targeted and effective patient friendly collections strategy.

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How Statistical Models Can Help Navigate the Future of Medical Debt Collections

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Challenge to New York City Debt Collection Law Moves to High Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit this week ruled that New York’s highest court will need to resolve the legal questions in a case brought by a debt collection law firm challenging a New York City statute that regulates certain activities of collection attorneys.

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Have you guys had a chance to read over the recent Douglass v. Convergent decision? It’s the case where a consumer complained that the account number was visible through the envelope window. We’re asking you to weigh in with your thoughts on the decision in this week’s poll.

Additionally, if you’re looking for specific operational help around Collection Letters, there’s a webinar for you: insideOperations: Collection Letters. Join John Rossman of Moss & Barnett and Mike McDonnell of RevSpring as they give you the latest compliance information regarding how to communicate with consumers via letter and email.

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