A Compliance Management System Isn’t a Product; It’s a Process

Historically, collection agencies have viewed compliance as a reactionary, standalone department. Now, there’s an active shift to view compliance as a proactive process that requires full participation and collaboration across all agency departments. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper and attending ARM-U!

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ARM-U Sneak Peek: Building the Best CMS

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Debt Collector’s Testimony May Be Critical in Murder Trial

A New Jersey man currently on trial for murdering his wife with a frying pan consistently referred to his wife as his ex-wife, in contrast to what he was telling her, and was deep in debt according to testimony provided yesterday by a debt collector who was working on the man’s account.

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Have you guys had a chance to read over the recent Douglass v. Convergent decision? It’s the case where a consumer complained that the account number was visible through the envelope window. We’re asking you to weigh in with your thoughts on the decision in this week’s poll.

Additionally, if you’re looking for specific operational help around Collection Letters, there’s a webinar for you: insideOperations: Collection Letters. Join John Rossman of Moss & Barnett and Mike McDonnell of RevSpring as they give you the latest compliance information regarding how to communicate with consumers via letter and email.

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