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ARM insider – 5-22-15 – FTC Joins NY and GA in Action Against 3 Collection Agencies ARM insider – 5-21-15 – Credit Reporting Agencies Agree to Pay $6M to Resolve Complaints ARM insider – 5-20-15 – CFPB Company Complaint Portal Confusion ARM insider – 5-19-15 – CFPB Takes Action Against PayPal For Poor Dispute Handling, Among Other Things ARM insider – 5-18-15 – The Inconvenient Reality of Convenience Fees ARM insider – 5-15-15 – Second Circuit Decision Provides Resolution on Disclosure of Tax Consequences in Settlement Offers ARM insider – 5-14-15 – CFPB Launches Public Inquiry Into Student Loan Servicing Practices ARM insider – 5-13-15 – CFPB To Convene Field Hearing Tomorrow About Student Loans in Milwaukee ARM Employment Brief – 12 May 2015 ARM insider – 5-12-15 – In Writing: What the New West Virginia Updates Mean for Debt Collectors
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