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ARM insider 5-31-16 Navient CEO Shares Rarely Heard Stories About Student Debt Payment ARM insider 5-26-16 Do Consumers Need to Show “Concrete” Injury to Sue Debt Collectors? ARM insider 5-25-16 Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Determines that a “Debt Collector” filing a Bankruptcy Court Proof of Claim on a Time-Barred Account is an FDCPA Violation ARM insider 5-24-16 State Court Opinion in TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Takes TCPA to Task ARM insider 5-23-16 Baltimore Jury Delivers $38M Verdict in Debt Collection Case ARM insider 5-20-16 Appeals Court Affirms that FDCPA Does Not Require Debt Collector Intent to Proceed to Trial When Filing Lawsuit ARM insider 5-19-16 Consent Order Compliance: Navigating The CFPB’s Unofficial “Rules” Governing Debt Collection ARM insider 5-18-16 – How Spokeo May Limit Consumer Financial Services Litigation ARM insider – 5-17-16 Spokeo v. Robins: Supreme Court Limits Consumer Right of Action in Fair Credit Reporting Act Case ARM insider 5-16-16 Democrats and Republicans Find Common Ground – Ask Court to Declare the TCPA Unconstitutional
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