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ARM Insider 7-19-16 Spokeo in the Wild: How a Non-Collections Defendant Defeated a Class-Action TCPA Lawsuit ARM Insider 7-18-16 FDCPA Victory in Class Action Letter Case: What It Means for the Industry ARM insider 7-13-16 Federal Jury Convicts Owner of Defunct “Collection Firm” for Fraudulent Scheme ARM insider 7-12-16 You May be Liable for Calling a Wrong Number in Minnesota ARM insider 7-7-16 FCC Rules TCPA Does Not Apply to Federal Government or its Contractors ARM insider 7-11-16 $9.25M TCPA Class Action Settlement by American Express Preliminarily Approved in Ill. Federal Court ARM insider 7-6-16 Citizens Bank to Pay Over $4.5 Million to Settle TCPA Suit ARM insider 7-5-16 Court Determines Consumer Did Not Prove Revocation of Consent in TCPA Case ARM insider 6-29-16 800lb Gorilla Enters Debt Collection Software Space ARM insider 6-28-16 Pennsylvania District Court Dismisses TCPA Lawsuit Where Plaintiff Manufactured Claims
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