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ARM insider 10-5-15 Debt Relief Scam Ends With $7.9 Million Judgment to Settle FTC Charges ARM insider 10-2-15 CFPB Orders Indirect Auto Finance Company to Pay $48.3M in Relief and Penalties for Illegal Debt Collection Tactics ARM insider 10-1-15 7th Cir. Confirms FDCPA Is Not Enforcement Mechanism for Matters Governed by Other Federal or State Laws ARM insider 9-30-15 Three Take Aways From the Dallas Debt Collection Dialogue ARM Employment Brief – 29 September 2015 ARM insider 9-29-15 Winners Announced in insideARM Best Places to Work in Collections for 2015 ARM insider 9-28-15 Payday Lenders Get to Pursue Choke Point Lawsuit Against Regulators ARM insider 9-25-15 Suze Orman on Today Advises Against Income-Based Student Loan Repayment Plans ARM insider 9-24-15 Judge Rejects “All For the Lawyer, None for the Class” TCPA Case Settlement Agreement ARM insider 9-23-15 Certain Debt Repair Companies Use and Abuse Debt Validation, Collectors Charge
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