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ARM insider 8-25-16 Massachussetts Jumps into the Active Debt Collection Regulation Pool ARM insider 8-24-16 Judge Decides Sanctions Now Not Warranted in “Fanciful, Farfetched” FCRA Case ARM insider 8-23-16 U.S. District Court in Georgia Grants Initial Approval of Wells Fargo $30 Million TCPA Settlement ARM insider 8-22-16 The “Least Sophisticated Debtor” Is Getting More Sophisticated ARM insider 8-18-16 Industry Gets Favorable Ruling in Debt Collection Envelope Case Judge Cites “Zone of Interests” Protections, Dismisses “Nomorobo” TCPA Lawsuit ARM insider 8-16-16 Spokeo Redux: Minn. District Court Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss TCPA Case for Lack of Standing ARM insider 8-12-16 FCC Releases Rules Limiting Federal Government Debt Collection Calls ARM insider 8-11-16 FDCPA Safe Harbor Buried within CFPB Mortgage Rules ARM insider 8-10-16 PRAA Announces Financial Results for Q2 2016
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