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ARM insider – 8-28-15 FTC’s Reilly Dolan Lists Those Banned From Debt Collection ARM insider – 8-27-15 Another Positive TCPA “Prior Express Consent” Case ARM insider – 8-26-15 – CFPB Monthly Complaint Report Reveals Major Difference in Enforcement Challenges ARM insider – 8-25-15 – Third Circuit Holds Debt Collector Bears Burden of Proving FDCPA Exception to Third Party Contact ARM insider – 8-24-15 – “Human Intervention” by Strip Club is Sufficient to Defeat a TCPA Claim ARM insider – 8-21-15 – Dept. of Education PCA Program Still a Driver of Small Business Growth ARM insider – 8-20-15 – CFPB Takes Action against Springstone Financial, LLC; Collectors Should Take Note ARM insider – 8-19-15 – DBA International Updates its Code of Ethics ARM Employment Brief – 18 August 2015 ARM insider – 8-18-15 – CFPB Files Amicus Brief in FDCPA Case
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