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ARM insider – 7-31-15 – New Whitepaper Examines Mobile Strategies in a Post-FCC/TCPA World ARM insider – 7-30-15 – Are You Properly Reporting Bankruptcies to Credit Bureaus? ARM insider – 7-29-15 – The 986 Words That Have Guided First Party Outsourcing for 15 Years ARM insider – 7-28-15 – Good News In Debt Collection “Benign Language” Envelope Case ARM insider – 7-27-15 – Huffington Post Article About Private Collection Agencies Potentially Collecting IRS Debt Hits a Nerve with this ARM Veteran ARM insider – 7-24-15 – Another Reason For Collectors To Be Cautious When Calling Consumer Cell Phones ARM insider – 7-23-15 – Eleventh Circuit’s Mistaken Interpretation Likely to Expose Attorneys to Increased FDCPA Liability ARM insider – 7-22-15 – Encore Partners With U.S. Reps. Peters and Hunter On Bill To Exempt Forgiven Debt From Federal Taxation ARM Employment Brief – 21 July 2015 ARM insider – 7-21-15 – Department Stores National Bank To Pay $23.8M For Charging Fees on Collection Accounts
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