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ARM insider – 7-7-15 – Common Sense Prevails 3rd Circuit FDCPA Case ARM insider – 7-2-15 – NCLC Publishes Report on Debt Collection Communications ARM insider – 7-1-15 – FTC Sends $4 million in Settlement Payments to Consumers ARM insider – 6-30-15 – Things to Do While Waiting for the FCC’s TCPA Language ARM insider – 6-29-15 – New Opportunities for ARM in the U.S. Insurance Market ARM insider – 6-26-15 – More Detail About CFPB’s Release of Public Debt Collection Complaint Narratives ARM insider – 6-25-15 – CFPB Publishes Over 7,700 Complaint Narratives About Companies, 29% Are About Debt Collection ARM insider – 6-24-15 – The CFPB’s Latest Supervision Report Highlights Compliance Deficits in the Collection Industry ARM Employment Brief – 23 June 2015 ARM insider – 6-23-15 – Three Data Privacy Lessons Collection Agencies Can Learn From the Houston Astros Hack
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