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ARM insider 6-23-16 Debt Collection Rule Making Moves to SBREFA Phase ARM insider 6-22-16 NJ District Court Slams Consumer Attorney for FCRA Suit Filed without “Meaningful Review or Investigation” ARM insider 6-20-16 How the FCC Misinterpreted Congress’ Mandate for the TCPA Debt Collection Exemption ARM insider 6-16-16 ConServe Responds to FCC Request for Comments on TCPA Exception for Government Debts ARM insider 6-15-16 House Bill Introduced Requiring That CFPB Verifies Complaints and Publishes Context ARM insider 6-14-16 Ontario Comments on Columbia Ultimate Acquisition and the Industry Impact ARM insider 6-13-16 Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Debt Buyer in FDCPA Entrapment Case ARM insider 6-9-16 insideARM First Party Summit for Credit Grantors and Call Center Providers ARM insider 6-8-16 Republicans Propose Dodd-Frank, CFPB Overhaul ARM Employment Brief 6-7-16
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