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ARM insider 9-26-16 Consumer Advocacy Coalition Expresses Concern over CFPB Proposed Rules ARM insider 9-22-16 3rd Cir. Holds No TCPA Coverage Under Business Owners Insurance Policy ARM insider 9-21-16 California Amends Requirements for Debt Collectors Responding to Consumer Claims of Identity Theft ARM insider 9-20-16 Should Debt Collectors Email Consumers? ARM insider 9-19-16 Is the Wait for the ED Contract Almost Over? ARM insider 9-14-16 5th Circuit Rules Against Collector For Not Making Disclosures in Time-Barred Debt Case ARM insider 9-13-16 Keeping up with State Licensing and Enforcement Activity is Becoming a Full-Time Job For Collection Agencies ARM insider 9-12-16 Illinois Court Holds Rule 67 Motion to Deposit Funds Moots Individual and Class TCPA Claims ARM insider 9-9-16 Wells Fargo $185 Million Penalty is a Warning to Collectors, Too ARM insider 9-8-16 U.S. District Court Judge Dismisses Collection Litigation Suit Against Bank of America
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