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ARM insider 2-12-16 Rhode Island ‘Expired Debt Act’ More Than Name Implies ARM insider 2-11-16 IRS Will Miss March 4 Deadline For Contracting With Private Debt Collectors ARM insider 2-10-16 Motion Granted for Debt Collector in FDCPA Bona Fide Error Case ARM insider 2-9-16 Judge Grants Mixed Ruling in Yet Another Example of FDCPA Ambiguity ARM insider 2-8-16 FCC to Issue Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for TCPA Amendment ARM insider 2-5-16 Failure to Inform a Consumer That a Partial Payment Revives an Out-of-Stat Debt Could Be an FDCPA Violation, Court Says ARM insider 2-4-16 Ninth Circuit Rules Prior Consent Fatal to TCPA Suit ARM insider 2-3-2016 Two Recent Cases Highlight Mandatory Arbitration Provisions ARM insider 2-2-2016 Student Loan Associations Urge FCC to Allow for Reasonable, Responsible Wireless Calls ARM Employment Brief 1 February 2016
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