Call centers manually monitor only two percent of their calls on average, according to a new report from Genesys. And because of the massive volume of calls being handled daily, quality analysts are only capable of reviewing up to five percent of the calls in their contact center.

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In addition to compliance concerns, agents have to be able to appropriately respond to a customer’s feelings, needs, satisfactions and concerns. It’s hard to measure emotion over the phone, or address the agent’s skill usage during the interaction. In short, we’re only human.

That’s why using speech analytics as a compliance tool also drives agent productivity and collections performance as well.  Ensuring that agents are always asking for a payment in full or that they are offering the highest settlement amount to debtors before lower ones will help drive collections and improve your contact center profitability.

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Michael Miller is the Vice President of Customer Strategy at Genesys. Miller is responsible for working with contact center clients worldwide to develop targeted solutions to the many challenges and opportunities they face, specifically addressing how to improve sales performance, reduce operating costs and drive higher levels of customer retention by improving satisfaction.

Chris Bohlin is the Director – Proactive Customer Communications at Genesys. Bohlin came to Genesys with the SoundBite acquisition in July, 2013 where he was the Senior Product Manager for SoundBite’s voice applications including its Hosted Dialer and Automated Voice Messaging. Chris has worked in the telecom and collections industries for more than 10 years.

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