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Stephanie Eidelman is CEO of the iA institute, a media company that specializes in providing context, insight, and practical information to the complex debt industry. A visionary and constant innovator, she has grown the company from its beginning as publisher of a daily newsletter (insideARM) to one that influences the industry at the highest level. 

Stephanie believes that high quality communication leads to good things: deeper relationships, better mutual understanding, innovation, and sales... to name a few. This is why everything we do at the iA Institute is designed specifically to foster deep and candid interaction. More at

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How the iA Innovation Council Partnered with Georgetown University to Solve an Industry Problem

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Support for Balanced Debt Collection Regulations From an Unlikely Source


A. Wayne Johnson Resigns from Dept of ED, Suggests All Student Loans Should Be Canceled


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Freshly Signed Taxpayer First Act of 2019 Affects Private Debt Collectors

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RIP Medical Debt Featured Among Game-Changers

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RIP Medical Debt Gains Traction; Comes to Capitol Hill

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NextGen Deadline Postponed Again, and ED Considers Selling Defaulted Loans


Court Denies PCAs' Motion to Prevent Account Recall by Department of Education


Department of ED vs. Collection Agencies Saga Will Come to a Head on April 16


White House Issues Executive Order on Collection of Defaulted Federal Student Loans

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iA Video Series: Ironing Out the Irony of ED's NextGen Strategy


ED Submits Administrative Record to Judge Wheeler; re-Pits Smalls Against Bigs


Why ED’s NextGen Debt Collection Servicing Plan May Be a House of Cards

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iA Video Series: The Power of Connection for Women in Consumer Finance

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Transcript of Teleconference in Dept. of ED NextGen Case Reveals Maddening Exchange


Chapter 6 Begins in ED Default Collection Saga; PCAs Files Pre-Award Complaint