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What You May Not Know About The Practice of "Pay-for-Delete"

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iA Video Series: Debt, Privacy, and Third Party Disclosure (Part 1: The Problem)


iA Video Series: A Solution Every Collection Organization Needs for Employee Retention


Hiya Says 52% of Mobile Calls Are Answered. What Else Should You Know?


ED Releases New NextGen Solicitation; The Road for PCAs Remains Unclear

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Court Speaks for Private Debt Collectors in NextGen Protest Hearing

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Student Debt Front and Center at Consumer Federation of America Conference

Kathleen Kraninger

Senate Vote on Kraninger to Lead BCFP Expected Tomorrow

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CRC Proposes Comprehensive Solution to Consumer Communications Challenges


Online Lending Policy Summit Offers Window Into Future of Collections


Chapter 5 Continues: More Protests Filed Against ED's Handling of NextGen RFP


BCFP: Fix the Authentication Dance Between Consumers and Collectors


Chapter 5 Officially Begins in Department of ED Private Debt Collection Saga

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ED Moves NextGen Procurement to Phase II; Changes Rules of the Game


Department of Education Requests Clarification on Court’s Permanent Injunction

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What's Going On Behind the Scenes Since Court Ruled Against ED?


Judge Rules in Favor of PCAs; ED Permanently Enjoined from Cancelling Debt Collection Solicitation

ACA International Hires General Counsel and Publishes Strategic Plan


Dept. of ED: Why Proceed With a Procurement for Services that are Going the Way of the Dodo?

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5 Financial Regulators Issue Joint Statement Clarifying That Guidance Does Not Equal Law