FMA Alliance Ltd. recently celebrated its 28th anniversary in the credit and collection industry and to adhere with their commitment of innovation, remaining cutting edge and applying best practices to every aspect of their business they have partnered with Autonomy to integrate a call analytics system.

Autonomy is recognized as one of the most innovative companies worldwide and is best known for its pioneering work in conceptual search based on computational pattern recognition (non-linear adaptive digital signal processing) and contextual linguistic analysis.

What this means is that FMA has partnered with the leader of call analytics companies that provides an advanced speech-to-text engine, monitors “emotion” as well as “words,” and is anticipated to provide a significant return on investment.

Integrating call analytics system will provide many benefits to both FMA and their clients to include:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Improved Agent Performance
  • Script Adherence
  • Improved QA Efficiency
  • Multi-System Integration
  • Multi-channel Dashboards

FMA’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jim Crone said, “It’s imperative that we continue to employ cutting edge technology to meet the needs of our clients and to show our commitment of growing the company the right way. Being proactive and continuing to provide these state of the art tools to our management and staff only strengthens FMA as an organization with what we have to offer.”

FMA remains committed to staying ahead of the curve as it relates to industry, economic and regulatory change.

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