TEC Services Group has announced that it now provides Professional Services to users of Latitude’s software platform.

“We have long been the leading third party services company for users of the collection industry’s major software packages. Hundreds of ARM organizations have relied on our expertise and we have now brought that same level of service to the users of Latitude’s suite of software,“ says Wendell Etheridge, Executive Vice President.

“In today’s economic environment it doesn’t always make sense to hire someone with a specialty skill-set when those particular skills are only needed a few hours per week or month. Using an outsourced Professional Services provider allows you to get the highest level of skills available but only pay for it when you need it,” added Etheridge

Professional Services for Latitude’s suite of products are immediately available.

TEC Services Group has been providing “real world” technology and operational consulting to the Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection industries for more than ten years. With experience that comes from the field, the staff at TEC Services Group truly knows the meaning of “real world.” They have assisted scores of collection organizations with services and projects to improve efficiencies and increase recoveries through the usage of systems and best practices.

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