Last week, we asked you what you’re focusing on in 2012:

  • Compliance (44%)
  • Downton Abbey (22%)
  • Training (15%)
  • Compensation (11%)
  • Hiring (4%)
  • Yes (4%)

Compliance was the big winner, with almost half of you voting that way.

For those who answered “compliance” here’s a question: Has this always been true for your agency? Or are you feeling that there’s more and more scrutiny from legislators, consumers, and media outlets and getting a leg up on compliance just makes sense?

As you may or may not know, we’ve published a Debt Collection Compliance Handbook that will walk you through over 30 different topics that you should either be compliant in, or have a good reason why you’re not. It’s $299 that could save you thousands in legal fees in the long run.

Now, for the 22 percent of you who answered “Downton Abbey” — email Senior Editor Patrick Lunsford RIGHT AWAY at because I’m tired of answering his questions about the show and maybe one of you guys could do this? Like, as a solid for me? PLEASE.

Check back this afternoon for this week’s homepage poll where we pick your brain regarding the recent — potential — economic turnaround.

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