Kaulkin Ginsberg, the leading consultancy and M&A advisory firm focused on the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, begins the fourth semester of its Research Fellows Program in conjunction with the University of Maryland, College Park’s Department of Economics undergraduate studies program on Monday, Feb. 16. Fellows will focus their research on emerging market segments and consumer credit opportunities.

The ARM industry has experienced significant changes since the onset of the Great Recession. Executives are challenged to find the highest level of information to make informed business decisions. Through research obtained during this 10-week fellowship, Kaulkin Ginsberg strives to provide leaders with the materials they need. Each semester, 16 students are assembled into groups to gather information related to specific aspects of the ARM industry. The research they compile has been featured in Kaulkin Ginsberg’s authoritative midyear reviews and reports, which are then made available online. The markets these fellows have analyzed include health care, student loans, government, cable, financial services and telecommunications.

Participants are carefully selected by the director of Undergraduate Economics Studies for the University of Maryland, Dr. Cindy Clement. “Students today understand that real-world experience is a necessary complement to their academic classwork, but internships are often hard to find or squeeze into their schedules,” Dr. Clement said. “Unlike some internships, all time spent on the Research Fellows Program is content-intensive – no clerical work, no commuting time, no fetching coffee. Students really appreciate the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge and get detailed feedback on their work.”

Mike Ginsberg, President and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg, said, “Over the past two years, our on-campus program has proven beneficial for students, faculty and the executives of accounts receivable management firms.  I could not be more pleased with the results of this initiative.”

Michael Thomas, an associate for Kaulkin Ginsberg, participated in the fellows program during the spring 2014 semester. He is the first full-time hire directly associated with the program, and he now acts as its supervisor.

“The Research Fellows Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to engage in applied economic research, develop teamwork and project management skills, contribute to ARM industry research, and improve their presentation and business writing skills,” Mr. Thomas said. “I am looking forward to working with my fellow economics majors at the University of Maryland and helping them take that next step as they prepare to graduate and pursue their professional careers.”

Previous fellows said participating in the fellowship program was well worth the added work to their course load because of its unique, hands-on approach to research.

“It was an opportunity to test uncharted waters,” Lindsay Kermisch, ’14, said. “The results were worth it – a tangible document that went through professional review by our mentor’s company. The process itself was just as beneficial, if not more, than the end product. I learned how to research through a practical application and work together cohesively with an international group of then-strangers.” Ms. Kermisch is a contract specialist and acquisitions professional at the U.S. Department of State, and she will begin holding a presentation for fellows on government careers for economics majors later this semester.

Others said the experience benefitted them during their job hunts after graduation.

“My findings fascinated my interviewers, who are my now my coworkers,” Jared Lese, ’14, said. He works for Israel Discount Bank of New York. “The interview instantly morphed into a friendly discussion where I became the leader. The Fellows Program was extremely vital to my post-graduate success.”

About Kaulkin Ginsberg

Since 1991, Kaulkin Ginsberg has provided value-added strategic advisory services tailored specifically to the accounts receivable management industry and other outsourced business services (OBS) companies. The firm’s client-centric approach covers almost every stage of a company’s lifecycle. For more about Kaulkin Ginsberg, please visit www.kaulkin.com.

About The University of Maryland’s Department of Economics

The University of Maryland’s Department of Economics is ranked in the top 20 economics programs in the country in the most recent National Academy of Sciences study. The department has about 40 faculty members. The size and diversity of the faculty permits study in virtually every major theoretical and applied area of economics, including advanced macro and micro, comparative institutional economics, econometrics, economic development, economic history, environmental and natural resource economics, industrial organization, international economics, labor economics, political economy and public economics.



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