SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud channel of choice communications solutions, today announced that it is partnering with insideARM to discuss a practical, compliance-focused approach to channel of choice engagement by integrating consent capture into existing workflows. The event takes place this Thursday, July 13th at 2pm ET/ 11am PT. Register here.

As it becomes more and more difficult to reach consumers via telephone, multichannel communication presents an increasingly important opportunity to maximize contact rates. However, the ability to effectively capture, store, and manage consent poses significant obstacles to capitalizing on additional channels. As a result, many businesses remain without a clear path forward.

Dusty Whitesell, LiveVox Chief Evangelist states, “There is no doubt that businesses are aware of the growing need to expand their contact channels. But the question remains how. This is especially true for businesses in highly regulated environments and I am very excited to share just that on the upcoming webinar.  Drawing from our proven expertise in compliance and cloud, we will provide participants with a practical and operations-focused approach to addressing multichannel consent. In doing so, we are empowering our clients and the industry to take a significant step towards channel of choice engagement.”

This webinar will shed light on an actionable approach to establishing compliance-focused multichannel strategies to drive contact performance. Topics covered include:

  • An operations-focused understanding of today’s multichannel compliance environment
  • How to empower agents to gather and manage consent
  • Leveraging consent to expand beyond non-voice channels
  • Driving multichannel ROI with cross-channel analytics

About the event

  • EVENT: “A Practical Approach to Capturing Consent and Driving Multichannel ROI"
  • DATE: Thursday, July 13th, 2017
  • Mark Mallah, General Counsel, LiveVox, Inc.
  • Boris Grinshpun, Director, Product Management, LiveVox, Inc.
  • Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist, LiveVox, Inc.

About LiveVox 

LiveVox is a leading provider of enterprise cloud contact center solutions, managing more than 9 billion interactions a year across a multichannel environment. With over 15 years of pure cloud expertise, we empower contact center leaders to drive effective engagement strategies on the consumer’s channel of choice. Our leading-edge risk mitigation and security capabilities help clients quickly adapt to a changing business environment. With new features released quarterly, LiveVox remains at the forefront of cloud contact center innovation. Supported by over 450 employees and rapidly growing, we are headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Atlanta, Bangalore, and Colombia. To learn more, visit or email us at

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