Now is the time to register for insideARM’s 4th Annual Larger Market Participant Summit. We’ve just confirmed a number of sessions unique to this event.

First, if you attended last year, you know how valuable the sessions with the CFPB were. These breakouts offered the opportunity for small groups to meet with multiple representatives from across CFPB departments. There are no prepared speeches. The entire session consists of back and forth dialogue, where both groups ask questions and gain a better understanding of the other side.

Confirmed CFPB participants for this year

  • Consumer Response – Darian Dorsey, Office of Consumer Response, Chief of Staff
  • Enforcement – Greg Nodler, Senior Counsel for Enforcement Policy and Strategy
  • Markets – John McNamara, Debt Collection Program Manager
  • Regulations – Dave Hixson, Counsel, Office of Regulations;  Tom Pahl, Managing Counsel, Office of Regulations
  • Research – Erik Durbin, Senior Economist
  • Supervision – Tracy Chin, Attorney;  Mike Mastman, Attorney-Advisor

Conversation with national consumer finance reporters

Another unique session for this year is a conversation (again, not a speech) with national consumer finance reporters who write for different audiences: consumers, business people, investors, and policymakers.

We read about debt collection in the news on a regular basis. Compliance-minded industry leaders are often frustrated by the lack of explanation of how legitimate collectors work, and the fact that the majority of interactions with consumers do not mirror those that get the most attention. This is your chance to ask the questions, and to provide a perspective on debt collection they may not receive elsewhere.

Meet with:

  • The Wall Street Journal – Rachel Witkowski, Reporter (formerly with American Banker)
  • ProPublica – Paul Kiel, Reporter
  • The Capitol Forum – Teddy Downey, CEO & Executive Editor

Other session highlights that should interest you

  • SBREFA, its impact on rulemaking, and how you should be involved – This is the next step in debt collection rulemaking. You need to know how you can make an impact.
  • Opportunities for state and local tax incentives for hiring/training – ARM companies are often unaware of opportunities that could have a substantial impact on their bottom line. Don’t make another move without exploring the potential.
  • Best practices in government and higher education contracting compliance – This forum will discuss current and proposed regulations affecting contractors, including best practices in operational and subcontracting compliance on Federal task orders.

There are more. Click here to register today or learn more about the agenda. Now is the time to take your seat at the table.

Reduce your litigation expense now

New – this pre-conference workshop led by one of your peers who has developed a proven method of drastically reducing litigation expense. This workshop has a separate registration fee, but we are so confident we will provide a full refund if you don’t feel that what you learned will save you far more than what you paid to attend.

Note: Some have reported difficulty in reserving rooms. As of today there are a number of properties with availability within walking distance of the conference. Get in touch with us if you need assistance.

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