Invenio Financial, purchaser of specialized debt portfolios such as deceased/probate, business card, cease and desist/debt management and dismissed bankruptcy in the UK, US and Canada, co-sponsored the debt purchase stream and participated in an authoritative panel discussion entitled “The Role of the Specialist Purchasers” at CSA/DBSG’s annual conference on September 6th in Birmingham, UK.

Nick Cherry of Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), co-sponsor and the UK’s only dedicated probate recovery company, chaired and moderated the panel. Panelists included industry experts Matt Saperstein of Invenio Financial, Rob Levick of UK DCA Ltd, Nick Georgiades of TDX Group, and Andrew Beradi of Pamplona Credit Management.

The Credit Services Association (CSA) is a national association in the UK for companies serving in the unpaid credit accounts, debt recovery and tracing services. This year’s CSA Annual Conference focused on Delivering Excellence in a New Era, and included sessions across a wide variety of topics including Debt Sale and Purchase.

“The topic of a Specialty Purchaser is timely and relevant to both purchasers and sellers alike,” states Nick Cherry, Site Director for Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK) Ltd. “Our team of tenured panelists exposed and explored key points that translate to value propositions across the industry.” Topics of discussion included identification of unique and niche profiles that can be segmented for purchase as well as benefits to seller, purchaser and end consumer, impact on sale value and the role and significance of a specialty purchaser as compared to general purchasers. The panel also accepted questions from the floor.

Adding insight as to the importance of the panel, Matt Saperstein, Senior Vice President of Portfolio & Organizational Management at Invenio Financial says, “There is an often underestimated value beyond traditional debt sale segments; and specialty purchasers have contributed vastly to driving those premiums. In addition to helping sellers discover those niche segments, expertise in valuation models and work strategies are only part of the benefits to partnering with a specialty purchaser.” He adds that the panel discussion included perspectives from across various aspects of the purchase industry and provided unique insight to those interested in selling debt portfolios or looking for ways to realize increased value.

Invenio Financial–f/k/a PCA Acquisitions V, LLC–is a specialty debt buyer with an extensive history of direct and resale purchases in the US and UK. Focusing on niche markets, including cease & desist, small business/corporate card, pending & dismissed bankrupt and deceased account portfolios, Invenio Financial brings new and incremental value to creditors and debt sellers across the financial services, health care, utility and telecommunication industries through “Specialized Acquisition”.

Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. built its reputation in the debt recovery industry by providing specialised probate collections services to clients, enabling them to realise additional recoveries and deliver tangible “Treating Customers Fairly” process enhancements. We are an award-winning industry leader providing expert niche collection services recognised for our unique and compassionate style of customer interaction. Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. currently works with over 40 of the UK’s largest creditors across a wide range of industry sectors, including banking and finance, home shopping, utility and debt purchase.

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