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A 5-Step Dive into HIPAA Compliance for Email and Text


Electronic Patient Communications in the Wake of HIPAA: The Ban Has Lifted

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How to Use Email and Text for Collections Without Getting Burned (Part 2)

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How to Use Email and Text for Collections Without Getting Burned (Part 1)


Data Privacy and Security: What’s Next for Debt Collectors?


Part 2: Top 10 Elevator Conversations about the CFPB's Proposed New Rules for Debt Collection

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Top 10 Elevator Conversations for the CFPB’s Proposed New Rules for Debt Collection – Part 1


“Too Good to be True” – Unfortunately, that's the Case with the FCC’s New Reassigned Number Database

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5 E-Sign Myths Dispelled – Must-Know Requirements for a Paperless, Stamp-Free Collections Process


An Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Fees

Top 9 Collection Industry Predictions for 2019


Compliance Checklist for Collection Professionals – A Look Back at 2018’s Most Critical Issues


How the U.S. Supreme Court Just Might Change Your Dialing World

Text Messages: Elements of Terms and Conditions for Third-Party Debt Collection Industry

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A Compliant Text Message Service Begins with the Consent – And Ends with Big Results


Start Mastering the Text Message and Make Next Year Your Best Yet


E-Sign and Electronically Sending Legally Required Documents

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Collecting Interest on Charged-Off Debt Requires Careful Consideration

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Bargained-For Consent Might Mitigate Your Risk When Contacting Consumers


Reduce Consumer Credit Reporting Disputes by Improving Your Data’s Accuracy with these 5 Steps