Documents are Signed and Returned before a Call with an Agent Ends

Wixom, Mich., (May 4, 2016) – Consumers expect fast, efficient interactions.  eSign from RevSpring makes it possible for agents to connect with customers, send documents via email in real-time, and then stay on the phone while they’re opened, signed, and returned. Agents maintain a connection with the customer until the process is complete.

eSign is accessible from any internet-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets. By using eSign, organizations reduce costs, improve cash flow, and maintain compliance and security.

“Customer expectations have changed,” said Rich Turner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, RevSpring. “Businesses must respond to active consumer engagement expectations by delivering a heightened experience that satisfies customer needs while remaining secure and compliant. eSign delivers an outstanding solution.”

eSign’s real-time features are ideal for:

  • Student Loans, ensuring all financial disclosure forms are signed and received by your organization
  • Identity theft victims who must submit signed forms or a copy of a police report
  • Hospitals in need of  financial aid request forms signed by patients
  • Organizations needing consent to email or call a consumer’s cell phone
  • Consumers setting up a payment arrangement to fulfill Reg E requirements

eSign from RevSpring meets all the requirements of the E-Signature Act of 2000, making electronic signatures legally binding and the equivalent of written signatures. All documents are encrypted and password protected, as are all passwords and data.

Join RevSpring on May 10 at 2 p.m. for a demonstration of real time eSign. Click here to register online or contact for more information.

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