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Compliance Checklist for Collection Professionals – A Look Back at 2018’s Most Critical Issues

7 January 2019


BCFP Releases Complaints Snapshot, Debt Collection No Longer No. 1

25 October 2018


Integrative Technology Remains a Controversial Topic for Debt Collection Agencies

23 July 2018


Debt Collector Brings RICO Suit Against Lexington Law

7 June 2018

AdobeStock-Customer Service Complaint

Convoke Adds Complaints Management to its Platform

17 May 2018


CFPB Releases Final Request in Call for Evidence Series About its Practices

12 April 2018


How to Manage Your Online Reputation in the ARM Industry (sponsored)

8 March 2018

AdobeStock-Customer Service Complaint

CFPB Looking for Input on its Controversial Complaint Portal

6 March 2018

CFPB Complaints

Mulvaney to Move CFPB's Consumer Response; ACA Puts Complaints in Perspective

5 February 2018

CFPB Complaints

Continuity, Compliance and the CFPB: Food For Thought When Responding to Complaints (sponsored)

30 November 2017


Collection Boot Camp: How to Respond to Collection Disputes

26 October 2017

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What to Include in an 'Interim Response' on CFPB Complaint Portal

5 September 2017


Are Significant Changes To Class Actions On The Horizon? (Part Two)

29 June 2017

AdobeStock-Customer Service Complaint

Collectors Are Missing the Benefits of the CFPB Complaint Portal

10 May 2017


ACA International Publishes Dispute of CFPB Consumer Survey

1 March 2017


Unexpected CFPB Move; Release of Yelp-Style Rating Plan

9 February 2017

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Source Says CFPB Company Complaint Portal Updates Will Release in March

31 January 2017

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CFPB Complaint Portal - Analysis of Coming Enhancements

17 January 2017

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CFPB Monthly Report Reveals 39% of Complaints Concern Debt Collection

3 January 2017

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A Former CFPB Insider’s Guide: Things to Consider before Responding to Your CFPB Complaints

12 December 2016