This Kindly Lady's Loved Ones Can Still Send Her Adorable Mail On The Cheap. Not So With Debt Collection Notices. Photo by Bev Sykes

In January 2011, the U. S. Postal Service announced that its first upward price adjustment in two years would take effect on April 17 (and sure enough, it did). While these rate changes will have little if any effect on retail customers, the cost impact on business customers like collection agencies and other high-volume mailers will continue to be significant for several reasons.

Given the ongoing need for collection letter services and the challenges associated with cost and compliance, how can credit grantors and their ARM industry partners leverage current best practices to develop effective collection letter strategies?

SureBill (a division of Envelopes and Forms, Inc.) and have just published a new Info Brief on the financial challenges for the ARM industry as a result of the recent postal rate increase.  The Brief, US Postal Rate Increase Got You Down? – 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Collection Letter Strategy, explains a handful of ways that your collection agency can begin to create cutting-edge letter campaigns.  These tips run the gamut from “Monday morning” solutions that you can implement at little to no cost, as well as suggestions for larger strategy shifts your company might consider in order to reduce costs and improve the performance of your letter series.

What’s in this report?

  • The advantages of Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
  • A mini case study/market test analysis
  • A note on the dangers of “junk fees” and why you should avoid them
  • And much more…

Would you like to know a couple of other great things about 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Collection Letter Strategy?  It’s an Info Brief—so it’s short, easy-to-consume content; you can read it, glean some insight, and get on with your day.  It’s also been written as a 10 tip list—not quite as funny, perhaps, as a Letterman Top 10 list, but much more impactful on your business.  Best of all, SureBill and are providing this report to the ARM industry for free.  Even “absolutely free” as the late-night infomercials so often tell you (but here, there’s no separate shipping and handling costs… a few clicks of your mouse and the report is yours).

For a free download of US Postal Rate Increase Got You Down? – 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Collection Letter Strategy just click here.


Michael Klozotsky is the managing editor of  A lifetime ago he was an actual Man of Letters in the Department of English at the University of Illinois.

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