Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd., a multi-national specialty collection agency, today announced the implementation of CallMiner’s speech analytics solution across their US operations. CallMiner is the leader in speech and voice of the customer analytics solutions for contact centers. CallMiner’s Eureka platform provides real-time automated monitoring, agent and supervisor alerting tools, as well as post-call analytics. Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. is the first third party probate agency utilizing EurekaLive.

CallMiner’s industry leading EurekaLive solution monitors call center conversations in real-time and alerts agents and supervisors of key events, such as script compliance and changing acoustic sentiment.

“Our business stands on a commitment of ensuring a compassionate and compliant experience for consumers and brand protection for our clients. As the probate recovery industry has evolved and changed in the face of regulatory requirements, we strive to innovate processes and partnerships to continually expand on that commitment,” commented Howard Enders, President and COO of Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. “We are thrilled to be the only probate agency offering the unparalleled level of compliance oversight that CallMiner’s product provides, and to continually invest in partnerships such as this to illustrate our unwavering focus on a compliant and compassionate consumer experience.”

The EurekaLive solution also features the Agent Assistant, which leverages real-time speech analytics to provide agents time-based or event driven script reminders and next best action guidance to help call centers model their best agent.

“We looked at options from several different vendors when deciding on a real-time monitoring and call analytics platform,” said Matthew Phillips, Co-Chairman of Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. “We selected CallMiner because they simply had the most complete solution that included effective real-time monitoring, full analytics for searches and trend discovery, and automated agent performance evaluation. Their platform allows us the ability to ensure a compliant call each and every time and to utilize powerful analytics to create model calls, scripting and agent behaviors.”

“Phillips & Cohen Associates understands the importance of maintaining compliance and using the best available technologies in an increasingly complex regulatory environment,” said Terry Leahy, Chief Executive Officer at CallMiner. “Their team also understands the importance of maintaining an excellent reputation for customer service. All of us at CallMiner appreciate how keenly Phillips & Cohen Associates values the customer experience and strives to ensure tightly managed compliance risk.”

CallMiner is the market leading cloud-based solution for improving agent performance through Voice of the Customer analytics across all channels. CallMiner Eureka automates the overwhelming process of monitoring information from 100% of interactions – calls/audio, chat, email, surveys and social – to uncover consistent and reliable information about agent performance. Real time business intelligence can be leveraged by enterprises to dramatically improve customer service and sales, reduce the cost of service delivery, mitigate risk, and identify areas for process and product improvements. For more information, please contact CallMiner at (781) 547-5666, or visit

Phillips & Cohen Associates has built a successful and rapidly growing business by delivering industry-leading collections results while simultaneously enhancing the brand of each individual client. Phillips & Cohen Associates was formed in 1997 and quickly established a reputation as a responsible and trusted partner to industry leaders around the world with four regional offices in the United States (including a dedicated analytics center) and three international offices in Canada, UK and Australia. For more information, please contact Misty Kipper at (856) 536-7186 or visit

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