Experian, the global information solutions company, has acquired the Tallyman debt collection management software and operations from UK-based Talgentra, a provider of software and services for billing and revenue collection.  Tallyman will be become part of the Experian Decision Analytics business to create an innovative and complete collections solution.

Tallyman is a market-leading collections management software package that helps organizations to build more focused and closer relationships with their customers by ensuring that revenue collection processes are fully aligned with their business’ objectives.

Some forty clients currently use Tallyman to successfully manage more than 20 million customers and control the collection of more than £1.25 billion ($2.5 billion) of debt. The Tallyman solution is used around the world by organizations and businesses that grant credit to consumers, such as banks, building societies, loan providers, credit card companies and debt collection agencies, as well as organizations that provide consumer credit as part of their business model, such as retailers, utilities and communications companies.

The Tallyman technology is compatible with Experian’s existing Decision Analytics product set and its integration will enhance the capabilities and functionality of Strategy Management, Experian’s market-leading decision engine, and its expertise in strategy optimization.

The enhanced collections solution developed by combining Tallyman and Experian’s solutions will allow organizations to add significant value, with a substantial impact on their overall profitability, by making the collections function more efficient and improving the productivity of each action addressed to customers.

Brian Dewis, Chief Executive for the Tallyman operation, said, “Becoming a part of an international group like Experian will open greater opportunities to extend the proven benefits of Tallyman.  It will also benefit our clients and any company with an interest in improving its collections processes.”

Elio Vitucci, Managing Director, Experian Decision Analytics, commented, “With this acquisition, Experian is reinforcing its commitment to providing its clients with best practice solutions covering the entire customer life cycle by offering them a first class, innovative and powerful collections management solution. The integration of Tallyman into Experian’s collections solution will allow us to continue to innovate and increase our competitive advantage in credit collections.

“The combination of the Tallyman solution in different vertical markets, including telecommunications, utilities, public sector, and financial services, and Experian’s leading position throughout EMEA and Asia Pacific will enable us to meet clients’ requirements in any market.”