5 Things ARM Firms Must Know About Google Plus

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Google+ (also known as G+, Google Plus or Plus) is the biggest trending topic online these days. So, what is it and why should you care about it? Simple – it’s a new social media site that is directly tied into the most widely-used search engine on the planet, with looming search engine optimization (SEO) implications.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of “news” articles are written every year about the ARM industry, and many of them begin with phrases like, “Consumer complaints about debt collectors…”  And it’s the reality of the digital age that search results for most debt collection companies compete (not always successfully) with disparaging consumer posts that contain the same terms (i.e. the name of your business). If you care about your online reputation – what consumers are saying and where they are saying it – you need to read our post on Forbes.com.

So what are the five things you need to know about Google Plus to get ahead of the curve and protect the brand reputation of your company (not to mention your clients)?  Here’s a snapshot of the key takeaways we lay out in the full post on our Forbes site.

1. Yes, It’s a social media site.

2. It’s sort of like Facebook – but different.

3. The +1 button will probably directly impact SEO – but we’re not yet exactly sure how.

4. Google says that businesses should not create profiles for themselves on Google+ yet – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out.

5. Google is putting its full weight behind G+.

Google certainly has big plans for G+, that much is clear. It has taken aim at Facebook (and, to a lesser degree, Twitter) in a significant way. Bottom line: if you care about what consumers are saying about your company – and where they are saying it – you should familiarize yourself and your sales and marketing staff with Google+ now.

Naveen Hariprasad is the senior product marketing manager for Kaulkin Media. He is currently trying to figure out how to juggle all of his social media networks while providing marketing support for clients.  He can be reached by email.

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  • avatar davidgrant says:

    Google + will become an important player for several reasons. It is more sociologically natural than other social media platforms, it is backed by Google, it integrates well with awesome, existing and future Google tools and is being rolled out smartly. Michael Dell is considering using it for customer support because of its advanced hang out and huddle capability. Kinda funny to think about, but as FDCPA gets updated to address current technology, technology continues it’s warp speed revolution. FDCPA will never catch up, but getting close will be an improvement.

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