Array Services Group Encourages Healthier Living with Weight Loss Challenge

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Array Services Group, a leader in Revenue Cycle, Accounts Receivable Management and Call Center Solutions, just finished a six month weight loss challenge in its strides to promote healthier living among employees.

Array began the challenge in June with over one hundred participating in the contest; by the end of November, participants had lost a total of 1,024.4 lbs.

“Array has always strived to be a healthy company and we always do challenges like this to keep employees active and healthy,” said Greg Bockrath, Wellness Coach at Array. The challenge included nutritional information, personal coaching, monthly weigh-ins, “lunch ‘n’ learn” seminars, and prizes.

“Losing weight was something I knew I wanted to do, but this challenge provided me the motivation to do it now,” said Becky Pelkey, winner of the weight loss challenge. “The fact that Array offered the motivation, education, support and a vacation to get healthy is amazing; I could not pass up the opportunity to take part in the challenge.”

Winners of the challenge were determined by percentage of total weight lost and between Natalie Johnson, Emily Swendra, and Becky Pelkey; winning was determined by a mere one one-hundredth of a percent.

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