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Joann Needleman

Practice Group Leader at Clark Hill PLC

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Joann Needleman is leader of Clark Hill’s Consumer Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance group. Joann has extensive litigation experience in state and federal courts, successfully defending creditors agains claims brought under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as state statutes. She provides counsel, consultation and litigation services to financial institutions, law firms and debt buyers throughout the country. Joann is a past President of NARCA - the National Creditors Bar Association. She currently serves on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Consumer Advisory Board.

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United States Supreme Court Provides Little Guidance to Remedy an Unconstitutional CFPB

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House Version of New Stimulus Package Proposes Debt Collectors Go Into Debt So Consumers Don't Have To

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Collections and Servicing in the Post-Pandemic World: A Glimpse into the New Normal

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Supreme Court Justices Struggle to Determine Presidential Authority to Fire CFPB Director

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The Impact of the CFPB's Supplemental Proposed Rulemaking for Time-Barred Debt Disclosures is Greater Than What Appears

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Supreme Court to the Rescue with a Narrow Interpretation of the FDCPA

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Innovation: Opening the Door for Regulatory Engagement

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Treasury Fintech Report Recommendations Could Change Banking As We Know It


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A Proper Goodbye for the Consumer Advisory Board

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Arizona Jumps Ahead of Other States In Financial Innovation

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CFPB Deferment of Enforcement Authority to States Will Lead to Increased Scrutiny

CFPB Is Constitutional, But Makes $100 Million Mistake in Interpreting the Law

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Court Dismisses CFPB Lawsuit Due to Willful Failure to Participate in Discovery and Obey Court Orders

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Why the CFPB’s Decision to Change Course on Debt Collection Rulemaking is a Very Big Deal

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U.S. Supreme Court Rejects FDCPA Liability in Bankruptcy Proceeding

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CFPB Ordered by a New York Federal Court to "Show Me the Money"