Show Notes

Ensuring #fairness at all levels in financial services is the new norm. But how do you do it and how do you know when it is achieved? Kareem Saleh, CEO and Founder of FairPlay AI stops by #CreditEcoToGo to talk about his platform and new #ai fairness methodologies, which do a better job in assessing risk, while at the same time expanding opportunities for credit access. Kareem tells us that “fairness through awareness” and machine-learning algorithms always need to be challenged and refined. Rather than settling for one result, Fairplay exposes their algorithms during model development for alternative outcomes that might not have been well-represented in the first round of data, making the data more sensitive to disadvantaged groups. Kareem hopes this philosophy will enable all financial service entities within the credit cycle, to continue to harness data for the benefit of all consumers. #financialservice #equalaccess #fintech 


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