Show Notes: 

It may have taken a pandemic for banks and financial institutions to finally understand and embrace the value of technology and social media. Shondell Varcianna knows this first hand. As the owner and founder of Varci Media, Shondell has successfully guided financial institutions' communication with their customers. Having worked as a lender and underwriter for several banks, Shondell quickly realized that consumers do not seek financial advice from the banks where they have a relationship, and banks do not do a good job communicating with their customers outside the four walls of the branch. Meeting consumers where they are has been the key to Shondell’s success. As Shondell tells us, banks and financial institutions should spend less time pitching specific mortgage or financial products and more time providing useful information about buying or decorating a home through social media and blogs. This is meeting consumers where they are and results in consumers getting their financial questions answered. 

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