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Photo of courthouse building with "judicial" written on it [Image by creator Natalia Bratslavsky from AdobeStock]

Consumer Relations Consortium Files Amicus Brief in Hunstein

2 June 2021

A sea of small white paper boats "swimming up stream", with one blue boat swimming off to the side [Image by creator Worawut from AdobeStock]

Customer-Driven Collections Is the New ARMs Race - Creditors and Agencies Who Master it Will Win

27 May 2021

An animated image of a judge facing two lawyers in court [Image by creator cookart from AdobeStock]

HUNSTEIN UPDATE: Court in Illinois Cites Hunstein with Approval While Distinguishing It

25 May 2021

Image of a neon bright yellow outline of a wired phone handset against a black background [Image by creator SergeyNivens from AdobeStock]

Southern District of California Says Unanswered Calls are Not a Communication

19 May 2021

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Licenses" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

Maryland Alleges Partnership Program Between Missouri Bank and Fintech Partners Violates State Licensing Laws

18 May 2021

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

CA DFPI Hires Fintech Legal Expert to Lead New Financial Technology and Innovation Office

18 May 2021

Image from a dictionary showing the word leg-is-la-tion [Image by creator Art of Success from AdobeStock]

The Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act: An Explainer

13 May 2021

A person holding a mobile phone that appears to have illustrated white charts, graphs, and dollar signs popping out of it [Image by creator ra2 studio from AdobeStock]

5 Ways to Improve Your Consumer Communication Preference Strategy

5 May 2021

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Court Decisions" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

8th Cir. Rejects FDCPA Claims Relating to Assignment of Collection Services Agreement

5 May 2021

Crumpled pieces of paper in white, green blue, red and yellow printed with question marks and the words "wrong" and "right" [Image by creator Stepan Popov from AdobeStock]

Here's What's Wrong With Hunstein: Here’s the Simple and Obvious Spokeo Error That Led to the SCARIEST FDCPA Case Ever

4 May 2021

Group of people discussing at a table [Image by creator pressmaster from AdobeStock]

CA DFPI Announces Members of New Debt Collection Advisory Committee

30 April 2021

A judge's gavel sitting on a pile of cash [Image by creator Pakhnyushchyy from AdobeStock]

Woah: Supreme Court Strips FTC Of Key Ability to Obtain Monetary Relief in Court–Congress Vows Swift Action

27 April 2021

Credit Eco to Go and insideARM podcast partnership [Image by creator  from ]

Credit Eco to Go: Data… the Good, the Bad and the Soon to be Regulated

15 April 2021

A binder that says "Guidelines" on the spine sitting on a desk with a pen, calculator, and open binder [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

Why You Need an FCRA Compliance Manual and What It Should Include

14 April 2021

 [Image by creator Krasimira Nevenova from AdobeStock]

CFPB Proposes to Delay Effective Date of Reg F for 60 Days

8 April 2021

 [Image by creator  from ]

Regulation F FAQ: Disputes

24 March 2021

 [Image by creator Leigh Prather from AdobeStock]

Regulation F FAQ: Itemization Dates

22 March 2021

Arms of 5 business people holding up different colored large "quote" marks [Image by creator Sergey Nivens from AdobeStock]

Consumer Relations Consortium Submits Comments to California DFPI Regarding Debt Collection Rules

10 March 2021

Phone with "voice mail" text on it [Image by creator iQoncept from AdobeStock]

Limited Content Messages And Your Company’s Name

27 January 2021

Stage curtain slightly opening [Image by creator yodiyim from AdobeStock]

Maryland Regulator Issues Work From Home Guidance for Licensees

25 January 2021