Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider. Today, BPO typically refers to the outsourcing of “back office” functions such as software or systems coding, billing, payment processing, debt collection, customer relationship management, technical support, and even accounting or finance functions.

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How Will Arrests in Mumbai IRS Tax Collection Scam Affect Legitimate IRS Collection Contract?

10 October 2016

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Why Debt Collectors Should Take Notice of IBM’s Acquisition of Promontory

3 October 2016

Keeping up with State Licensing and Enforcement Activity is Becoming a Full-Time Job For Collection Agencies

13 September 2016

Stellar Recovery Secures Milestone Victory in TCPA Case

12 September 2016

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Tim Bauer on the Making of a “Must-Attend” ARM Industry Conference

1 September 2016

Coast Professional, Inc. Ranks as a Fastest Growing Company in America Five Years in a Row

29 August 2016

Small Business Representative Shares Her Thoughts About Yesterday’s Debt Collection SBREFA Hearing

26 August 2016

CFPB Debt Collection Proposals Would Create Problematic New Substantiation Standard

25 August 2016

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The “Least Sophisticated Debtor” Is Getting More Sophisticated, And Has An Improved Memory Too

22 August 2016

FDCPA Safe Harbor Buried within CFPB Mortgage Rules

11 August 2016

Phillips & Cohen Associates to provide Mortgage Administration Services

8 August 2016

New Name, New Logo, the Same Standard for Quality

1 August 2016

UPDATE: Location and Agenda Announced for CFPB Sacramento Debt Collection Hearing

26 July 2016

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insideARM Innovates Again, With "One of the Most Productive Events in the History of the ARM Industry"

25 July 2016

More Commercial Collection Agencies Collecting Younger Debts as Clients’ Ancillary AR Departments

13 July 2016

Indian Call Center Seeks New Collections Partner

11 July 2016


Empereon-Constar Launches New Call Center of Excellence In Alvin, Texas, Adds 500 Jobs

13 June 2016

China’s Non-Performing Loans Revisited

6 June 2016

Alorica to Acquire EGS to Provide Exponentially More Scalable Customer Experience Solutions on a Global Scale for the World's Leading Brands

2 June 2016

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Call For Presentations: First Party Outsourcing Summit, October 17-19, 2016

7 April 2016