Delaware Governor Jack Markell and Delaware Cabinet Secretary for Economic Development Alan Levin visited specialty collection agency Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. Friday, June 22, 2012 to tour its Delaware facility. Phillips & Cohen Associates is headquartered in Wilmington, Del. along the Riverfront.

“We are very grateful that Governor Markell and Secretary Levin took the time out of their busy schedules to visit our Wilmington office and spend time with us,” said Howard Enders, President and COO of Phillips & Cohen Associates. “We intend to continue to expand our business in Delaware and are proud to be a premier and growing employer for many Delaware residents. We maintain a sincere interest in growing our contribution to the State’s thriving business community through organic growth and strategic partnership with other Delaware based businesses.”

Phillips & Cohen Associates has received numerous local business awards, including being named amongst Delaware’s Best Places to Work for the past two years.

“As an industry leader in the debt collection community, and as one of the first non-retail businesses on the Riverfront, we enjoy our continued partnership and involvement with State and Federal government,” said Enders. “Meetings such as this are illustrative of the ongoing support we have grown to appreciate from our state officials, and of our commitment to leadership and partnership.”

From left to right: Secretary Levin, Phillips & Cohen execs Tom Feely and CJ Hamilton, Governor Markell, and Howard Enders

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. delivers measurably superior collection services across a host of industries and service sectors. Founded in 1997, the company built a reputation for effective and compassionate financial recovery by pioneering deceased account care. With over a decade of proven performance, in addition to pre and post charge-off solutions including standard collections, litigation and pending bankruptcy, the company offers a wide range of specialty services including Deceased Account Care Solutions, Cease & Desist, Debt Management Collections and Small Business Credit Solutions.  Phillips & Cohen Associates serves Fortune 500 leaders, banks, creditors and debt buyers as well as industries such as Utility, Healthcare, and Student Loans and has four regional offices in the United States and three international offices in the United Kingdom and Canada.

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