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Katie Grzechnik Neill

General Counsel & Regulatory Editor at insideARM

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In her role as General Counsel and Regulatory Editor at The iA Institute and insideARM (iA), Katie Grzechnik Neill considers herself the legal and regulatory navigator for the consumer financial services industry. In her role, Katie keeps the industry current on what is going on in the legal and regulatory landscape through iA's news, helps guide industry initiatives as a Steering Committee Member of the Consumer Relations Consortium, and brought to life the iA Case Law Tracker, which lets industry members easily track the myriad court decisions that come out on a daily basis faster than it takes to grab a morning cup of coffee. 

Katie is also a proud military spouse and actively advocates for easing the burdens that military life places on professional and career-oriented spouses.

Posts Authored 359

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CFPB Ratifies its Pre-Seila Activity—But What Does That Mean?

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Circuit Split on Standing Gets Wider: 11th Circuit Tosses FDCPA False/Misleading Claim

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U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Government Debt Exemption of TCPA

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Tom Pahl to be Named Deputy Director of the CFPB

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CFPB Rulemaking Agenda: Final Rules Expected October 2020

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New Credit Reporting Bill Passed by House, Seeks to Make Credit Reporting More Consumer-Friendly

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Wash. AG Sues Debt Collector for Time-Barred Debt Issues

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CFPB Testing Model Validation Notice...Again

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SCOTUS Speaks: CFPB Structure Unconstitutional

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Legal Language in Collection Letter Not False/Deceptive/Misleading, Says N.D. Ill.

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Wash. Emergency Rule Granted: No Branch Office Licensing Required for Employees Working from Home

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CFPB Launches Advisory Opinion Pilot Program to Provide Clarity Where There is Regulatory Uncertainty

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Connecticut Once Again Extends No-Action Policy on Branch Licensing for Debt Collectors Working from Home

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Must-Read for Data Furnishers: CFPB Releases FAQs on CARES Act Credit Reporting Requirements

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Taskforce Trouble: NACA and Other Consumer Advocates Sue the CFPB

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Mid-Year Litigation Review

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Problems with Large Contact Tracing Contract Reaffirm that Debt Collectors are Uniquely Well-Suited for the Job

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7th Cir. Says Plaintiff Failed to Meet Burden of Proof in "May Be Reported" Collection Letter Language Case

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Nevada Allows Collection Agencies to Re-Open

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In Email, Linked Pages are Considered Part of the "Whole" Message When Evaluating the FDCPA, According to New Mexico Court