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Katie Grzechnik Neill

General Counsel & Regulatory Editor at insideARM

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In her role as General Counsel and Regulatory Editor at The iA Institute and insideARM (iA), Katie Grzechnik Neill considers herself the legal and regulatory navigator for the consumer financial services industry. In her role, Katie keeps the industry current on what is going on in the legal and regulatory landscape through iA's news, helps guide industry initiatives as a Steering Committee Member of the Consumer Relations Consortium, and brought to life the iA Case Law Tracker, which lets industry members easily track the myriad court decisions that come out on a daily basis faster than it takes to grab a morning cup of coffee. 

Katie is also a proud military spouse and actively advocates for easing the burdens that military life places on professional and career-oriented spouses.

Posts Authored 258


Mass. AG Enters $4M Settlement with PRA for Allegedly Violating Consumer Protection Laws


A Push for FDCPA Amendments: Four Bills Introduced to Amend Different Provisions of the Statute

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Prevailing TCPA Plaintiff Sues Debt Collector's Insurer for Bad Faith Failure to Settle the Case Within the Policy's Limits


Pass-Through Online Payment Processing Fees are Exceptions to FDCPA, Says N.D. Ill.


Second Circuit Double-Hitter: Neither "$0.00" Nor "N/A" in Debt Itemization Confuses Consumers about Static Debts


The State of Collections: TransUnion and Aite Group Release Report, Outline Challenges and Present Optimistic Future

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No, Sending Information to Your Mail Vendor is Not Third-Party Disclosure, Says M.D. Fla.


New Calif. Law Removes Attorney Exemption from Rosenthal Act "Debt Collector" Definition

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Senators Demand CFPB Review Payment Processing Errors at Student Loan Servicer, Denials of Loan Forgiveness


"Balance Due As Of" Does Not Imply Balance Will Increase, According to E.D. Pa.


U.S. Supreme Court to Review Constitutionality of CFPB Structure: What Does It Mean?


Three Hot Topics—and Some Partisan Squabbling—Highlighted at Kraninger's Congressional Hearing


Argument Day is Here: U.S. Supreme Court Reviews Whether Discovery Rule Applies to FDCPA Claims


Third Circuit will Review Written Dispute Requirement Issue En Banc


CFPB Seeks Experts in Consumer Financial Markets, Laws, and Regulations for its New Taskforce


Calif. AG’s Proposed CCPA Regulations are Here, Along with Public Hearings and a Comment Period


CFPB's Semi-Annual Report Contains Some, But Not Much, Information About Debt Collection


Debt Collection Industry Again Left Out of CFPB's Consumer Advisory Board

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NYC Report Proposes Requiring Debt Collectors to Provide Better Services for Consumers with Limited English Proficiency


In-Depth Discussion of Hot Topics from House Fin. Servs. Committee Debt Collection Hearing