OGDEN, Utah -- PDCflow is excited to announce Payliance as a new partner and ACH Gateway. The partnership offers PDC customers yet another avenue to utilize easy, trouble-free payment processing for their businesses.

PDCflow has worked extensively with the Payliance team to develop the best process to secure an ACH account for clients and ensure they are set up with the appropriate ACH types for their business needs. This has been accomplished all while working towards the mutual goal of improving the cashflow and workflows of clients.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Payliance, especially given the large number of clients we have in the high risk category,” said Matthew Snedden, Chief Operations Officer of PDCflow. “We and our clients working with Payliance have experienced outstanding customer service, expert knowledge and highly professional treatment. We look forward to working with the Payliance team for many years to come.”

The new partnership with Payliance provides PDCflow clients ACH payment solutions such as TEL and WEB. It also allows PDCflow to offer Remotely Created Checks (RCC) to clients. RCCs can be a great option for those businesses unable to get approved for ACH processing, or those who may have recently lost the capability to process ACH transactions. This opens the door to service industries that traditionally do not qualify for ACH processing.

“Payliance is excited to partner with PDCflow to offer practical, integrated payment solutions to agencies focused on increasing recoveries,” said John Cullen, Chief Executive Officer of Payliance. “Our partnership combines over 30 years experience delivering compliant payment solutions to the accounts receivable industry.”

About Payliance

Payliance is a leader in payment processing, risk management, and recovery. With over 40,000 merchants, they have a deep understanding of the collection, medical, retail, lending, education, government, retail, and restaurant industries.  Payliance delivers effective, merchant-focused payment and recovery solutions that create measurable value and streamlines operations. For more information please visit www.payliance.com.

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a leader in payment management software for the accounts receivable industry. They have been servicing a wide range of clients such as debt collection agencies, medical billing companies, hospitals, law firms, insurance agencies, and credit unions since 2003.  PDCflow’s comprehensive suite of products includes e-signatures plus payment solutions that provide an easy consumer experience, allowing businesses to quickly obtain consent with integrated document delivery while processing a payment. For more information please visit www.pdcflow.com.

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