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FTC Debt Collection Complaints Compendium

$99.00’s FTC Debt Collection Complaints Compendium is an exclusive report with never-before published data and information around the FTC’s debt collection complaints numbers.

This downloadable report has details of the number of complaints received per company in Q1 2012 (names will not be published), analysis of complaint trends, in-depth context regarding the details behind the aggregate data, a detailed look at the coming changes to how the FTC and CFPB handle consumer complaints, and more. This is the first of a quarterly report series, with information that you’ll only receive from

The publication contains:

  • Analysis of the FTC complaint data that goes beyond any detail previously published by any organization
  • A listing of the number of complaints received in January, Feburary, and March for the top 100 "third-party collection companies" complained about in the first quarter of 2012.  Companies will not be named (though there will be a general description), but you'll see the trend of complaints received per company, as well as the fact that not all companies categorized as "third-party debt collectors" are actually third-party debt collectors.
  • A concise list of talking points you can use with clients, employees, and the media when asked about the sensitive topic of FTC complaints. 
  • Thorough explanation of the details behind the aggregate data that never gets published in the media -- we put the huge number of complaints in perspective as never before.
  • A detailed look at the coming changes to the ways the FTC and the CFPB will be handling debt collection complaints in the future.

  • The Better Business Bureau whitepaper published exclusively on, “Better for Whom? Debt Collection Professionals Talk about the Better Business Bureau,”
  • All of the exclusive content published on in its Complaints Big Issue.


Plus, the total number of complaints went up nearly 40% from January to March. We'll tell you why.