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CFPB Announces Change to CID Policy, Promotes Transparency in Investigations

23 April 2019

CFPB Announces Symposia Series, Will Clarify "Abusive Acts and Practices" and Discuss Consumer Privacy

23 April 2019

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CFPB Rules to Contain Call Caps, Allow Digital Communication Channels, Says Kraninger

18 April 2019


California Assemblywoman Explores Creation of State-Level CFPB in Press Conference with Cordray

15 April 2019


Consumers Should Work Directly with Credit Card Companies Rather Than Debt Settlement Companies, Says CFPB

9 April 2019


11th Circuit: Letter Offering to “Resolve” Out of Stat Account Contains Implicit Threat of Litigation, Requires Out of Stat Disclosure

8 April 2019


Complaint Data Trends and Limitations: Three Take-Aways From the CFPB's Annual Consumer Response Report

3 April 2019

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Consumers First Act, Aimed to Bring CFPB Back to Statutory Purpose, Passes in House Financial Services Committee

2 April 2019

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iA Video Series: Ironing Out the Irony of ED's NextGen Strategy

27 March 2019

CFPB Seeks Applications from Experts in Debt Collection for Consumer Advisory Board, Will the ARM Industry See Some Representation Again?

25 March 2019


CFPB FDCPA Report Shows Market Trends, Frowns Upon Creditors Responding Directly to Verification Requests

21 March 2019

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Three Lessons for Debt Collectors from the CFPB’s Latest Supervisory Highlights: Amount Owed Accuracy, Disclosures, And Payment Dates

13 March 2019


Kraninger Testimony Before Senate Banking Committee Focuses on Data Privacy, CFPB Structure, Student Loans, Military Lending Act, and Payday Lending Rule

12 March 2019


Seven Highlights from Kraninger, Weltman, and Frotman Testimony at House Financial Services Committee Hearing

8 March 2019


Should Collectors Change the Validation Notices into Pennsylvania? (Podcast)

7 March 2019


House Financial Services Committee to Hold Review Hearing of CFPB, Kraninger Included as Witness

4 March 2019

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CFPB Reports Rise in Elder Financial Exploitation, It's Time to Revisit Those Policies and Procedures

28 February 2019


CFPB Publishes its Fall 2018 Semi-Annual Report: Credit Invisibility, Mortgage Shopping, Consumer Complaints, and a Laundry List of Enforcement Actions

27 February 2019


FTC, CFPB Reaffirm Commitment to Cooperation, Renew Memorandum of Understanding

27 February 2019


Three Major Points from Rep. Maxine Waters’ Letter to CFPB Employees

26 February 2019