DULUTH, Ga. -- Crown Asset Management, LLC, a receivables purchasing and management firm, welcomed Spring with team-building events and employee recognitions. The growing team is grateful for the ongoing teamwork, leadership, and learning that’s been taking place and is pausing to appreciate employee engagement with a few highlights and notable mentions. 

“Life-long learning, communication, and teamwork have always been staples of what we value in our business. We’ve been fortunate to retain and grow an incredible team, and we’re still growing. Through all of it, we want to make sure we continue to maintain a strong culture and meaningful employee engagement. We recognize that the types of connections that occur more organically require greater intentionality as teams expand or work remotely. We have a lot of exciting new things happening, with many other things that we’re continuing to develop,” said Brian Williams, Crown CEO and Manager.

The Biggest Loser Challenge

The Crown team participated in a 12-week wellness challenge from February to May in a team effort to shed the pandemic pounds and step into summer with greater health. This was a great opportunity for increased camaraderie and relaxed team-building activities along with friendly competition and mutual encouragement toward practical personal goals. Angelica Hicks, Compliance Specialist took first place, and a total of 55 pounds were lost by a total of 10 participants!

Crown School of Business

Ongoing professional growth is important to the culture of Crown. Celebrating its inauguration, the “Crown School of Business” was opened in April 2022 to provide a more structured program and intentionally selected resources for employee training and development. Additions are ongoing as the program is developed and refined, but the program has initially been a great success. 

New Lean Six Sigma Certification

Sharn Fuller, Senior Compliance Auditor, earned his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification on March 18, 2022. Sharn joined CAM in November 2018 and has been with the Audit and Compliance Department since January 2020. Sharn’s recent promotion from Compliance Auditor to Senior Compliance Auditor will allow Sharn to be immersed in additional aspects of the department’s responsibilities and deliverables while continuing to support CAM’s ongoing compliance goals and objectives. The Crown team would like to congratulate Sharn on this achievement!

Chat-n-Chew Book Club

Much of the team participates in a company book club, “Chat-n-Chew.” The book club is a practical way to bring team members together over food (and food for thought), stay motivated and inspired, and build internal relationships. In coordination with the Receivables Readers virtual book club, the Spring selection was Atomic Habits by James Clear. As it turned out, this book also lined up perfectly with Crown’s wellness challenge!

Corporate Gatherings

Engaging in activities together outside of work is one way the Crown Asset Management team maintains high morale and grows greater communication and collaboration amongst and across teams. “Feel Good Fridays” were rolled out in April to provide an opportunity for the entire team to engage in a game together virtually. April also marked the first annual Easter Egg Hunt, and the team enjoyed a Spring Cookout in March to welcome the warm weather! 

Team Outreach

Charitable involvement has always been central to Crown’s culture. The team participated in the North Gwinnett Co-Op Food Drive throughout the month of May for its Spring cooperative service event. 

“The leadership team is looking forward to future opportunities planned for employee recognition and engagement and continuing to develop new ways to integrate the company values across the culture. We’re all still learning every day and so many business leaders can relate to similar challenges and opportunities. With that in mind, we believe positive news can be powerful and worth sharing as we can learn from each other,” said Mr. Williams.

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About Crown Asset Management

Founded in 2004, Crown Asset Management, LLC, is a professional receivables management firm that outsources purchased accounts to a nationwide, proprietary network of collection agencies and law firms. Utilizing a cutting-edge predictive analytical model during pre-purchase portfolio due diligence, their team focuses on achieving appropriate financial returns while ensuring the best possible experience for consumers. They are an RMAI Certified Receivables Business headquartered in Duluth, GA. 

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