POTOMAC, Md. – Anu Shultes will take the stage on the first day of the 5th annual Women in Consumer Finance, a unique professional development for women, December 5-7, 2022 in Palm Springs, California.

Women in Consumer Finance is a one-of-a-kind conference where we help women lead inspired careers, creating value for themselves and for their employers.

We place a particular focus on what's needed to get more women - particularly women of color - to the decision-making tables where products are designed and policy is set. The event is designed to address several key issues:

  • There is a connection problem. Women of all colors simply haven’t had the same opportunities as men to build their network, which is how most senior and board positions are filled.
  • There is a confidence problem. Many women are hesitant to assert themselves in a leadership structure dominated by men.
  • There is a career example problem. Most women lack exposure to female mentors and leadership examples, particularly ones of color.

Our predominantly workshop-style content is designed to build confidence. Our unique small group-based structure helps to ensure everyone leaves with meaningful new connections, and our mainstage storytellers provide inspiring yet relatable career examples.

Keynote speaker Anu Shultes is an entrepreneur and prestigious Forbes 50 Over 50 honoree for her commitment to and progress towards financial inclusion.


She is a 30-year veteran of the Financial Services industry with senior leadership roles at Providian, National City, AccountNow, Blackhawk Network and more. Her significant experience in building efficient operational processes and teams to support them has led her to become one of the few female CEOs in Fintech.

Shultes is currently the CEO of Ahead Financials, a visionary fintech company at the forefront of defining financial equity, inclusion and service for the world’s emerging middle class. Ahead’s mission is personal for Anu as she has experienced the very financial challenges she seeks to solve for her company’s clients. As an immigrant to the U.S. from India, Anu remembers living paycheck to paycheck as a graduate student, and even struggling to find her first job. She also is a cancer survivor and went through treatments while raising three children and working full-time.

Shultes’ keynote is sponsored by Provana, the Women in Consumer Finance ‘Education = Confidence’ sponsor.

Provana interaction management and compliance solutions are the first of their kind, providing effortless control over process-intensive operations. Available for consumer lending, legal, ARM, insurance and other industries that handle heavily regulated consumer interactions. Provana technology is based on a decade of business process management, AI, RPA, regulatory compliance and secure data operation experience. Solutions include speech analytics, a compliance suite, omnichannel payments, and business analytics, comprising a one stop digital transformation platform for small and medium enterprises.

“We shape and evolve our technology solutions and managed services based on the needs we see foremost among our clients,” said Karen Powell, Co-Founder and COO of Provana. “We are excited to partner with Women in Consumer Finance to help promote the many women leaders inside Provana and in the finance industry at large.” 

Women in Consumer Finance is for women at all levels in the context of a common industry.

If you work in any role at a lender, creditor, servicer, law firm, technology or service provider, or regulator, this event is for you. We provide inspiration, a guiding hand, and a support system women can leverage to continuously recharge their careers and deliver value to their employers. WCF is not about compliance, best practices, or even finance. It's about women, our common professional challenges, and how to tell our own career story – no matter where we are on our professional journey. We take a unique approach to building confidence, connection, and careers. There is nothing else like it.

Learn more or register at www.WomenInConsumerFinance.com

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