BRAINERD, Minn. -- Tratta, a payment experience platform (PXP), officially launched as of January 2021 after a successful 6-month private beta after partnering with some of the most well-known companies in healthcare, government, financial services, telecommunications, fintech, auto finance and other various industries intersecting with accounts receivable, credit and collections. 

Tratta provides a payment experience platform that uses real-time data to improve the transaction experience across an entire organization: the business’ experience on the back end, and the customer’s experience on the front end. 

Tratta includes a unified dashboard, data enrichment, public and private APIs, a growing suite of ready to launch 3rd party applications, and prebuilt components to help create the best payment experience for customers and operators alike. Tratta’s technology and methodology have proven to reduce ACH returns from 10% of total transactions to between 1-3%, increase card approval rate to an average of 80% or greater, prevent payment plan breakage by factoring in early warning signs, and, through its BankConnect feature, clients have seen a reduction in reconciliation errors of at least 50% and shortened month-end close by 2-4 days. 

For more advanced companies that are focused on machine learning, AI and data-driven decision making, Tratta offers a vast amount of raw and enriched data that can be fed back into any system. The platform has a free trial version and no startup cost. Tratta’s subscriptions model is built to scale for operations of all sizes, from small business to enterprise-level organizations that require complex workflows, troves of data, and role level access among multiple departments. 

The platform’s vendor-agnostic approach means it doesn’t replace or interrupt any ongoing processes, fully launches in minutes, and can scale as needed instantly. Tratta has no code or IT required when starting, making it incredibly user friendly for anyone at any level of experience with technology. Tratta is accepting new clients, expanding its partnerships, and releasing new beta features on a first come first serve basis.

Tratta is a member of the iA Innovation Council and regularly seeks ways to provide new and unique solutions to the ARM industry. 

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