ACA International made two announcements today, including the publication of a three-year strategic plan, and the hiring of industry veteran Issa Moe as General Counsel.

The goals of the strategic plan include:

  1. Consistently maintain financial health by offering fairly-priced, high-quality and member-centric services and events, as well as being good stewards of ACA resources.

  2. Ensure all educational offerings are relevant and use modern and effective delivery methods. Consistently innovate new educational offerings to meet members’ changing needs.

  3. Build respect among consumers, media, lawmakers and regulators by regularly publishing all different facets of member-community impact, including impact on economic society (clients and consumers), philanthropy and employee opportunity.

  4. Contribute to ACA members’ success by accurately understanding members’ needs with effective and consistent member engagement, unit engagement, and managing the organization well to meet those needs.

  5. For the benefit of members and society, reduce or eliminate unreasonable federal and state regulatory or legislative rules through advocacy, member involvement, and even legal challenge as necessary, to ensure a healthy and vibrant economy with broad access to reasonably-priced credit.

  6. For the benefit of members, decrease their financial exposure to unmerited legal cases.

Jack Brown, President, ACA International Board of Directors said, "Developing the strategic plan was a thoughtful process spearheaded by the Board of Directors, and particularly its treasurer, Scott Purcell. The Board sought staff input to carefully craft a strategic plan that is based on the overarching goal of helping members succeed."

You can see the full plan here.


Also today, ACA International CEO announced that the association has hired Issa Moe as Vice President & General Counsel. Prior to joining ACA, Moe was General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for First National Collection Bureau Inc..  He was previously an attorney with the law firm of Moss & Barnett. He has extensive experience defending claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act and similar statutes at the state level.

Read more about Moe's appointment here.


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