MUNCIE, Ind. –– Ontario Systems, a leading software provider to the healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable management (ARM) and government (GOV) markets, announced its Hosted solutions have achieved an attestation of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 3.2 today from an independent third party. Validating the company’s Hosted applications meet all the requirements of the PCI DSS, along with Ontario’s remaining products, the attestation fulfills compliance requirements for any RCM, or ARM operation across the country using the company’s Hosted solutions.

“Our clients demand compliance to those requirements under the PCI DSS,” says Rick Clark, Ontario Systems Corporate Security Director. “Those mandates, by industry standard, state and federal governments, and clients continue to be some of the most pressing challenges facing revenue professionals across the country. This attestation of our Hosted products’ compliance, while maintaining certification for the rest of our solutions, illustrates Ontario Systems’ continuing commitment to helping our customers navigate an ever-complex regulatory environment.”

The PCI DSS standard covers a list of controls that must be configured per certain requirements – including monitoring systems, change management protocols, and encryption processes – and the organization must prove successful to a Qualified Security Auditor (QSA) to receive a positive attestation. Those interested can verify Ontario Systems’ achievement by contacting the company to request an Attestation of Compliance.

“Using our Hosted solutions can help financial executives avoid many costs and risks associated with independently-developed compliance solutions,” Clark adds. “Maintaining proper security reduces the burden on our customers as they work through their own PCI audits. We look forward to continuing our assistance in their achievement, and optimizing their receivable platforms for years to come.” 

About Ontario Systems

Ontario Systems, LLC is a leading provider of software and solutions to the revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable management (ARM), and government markets. Ontario Systems’ robust software portfolio includes product brands such as Artiva HCx™, Artiva RM™, Contact Savvy® and RevQ®. The company’s customers include 5 of the nation’s 15 largest hospital networks, 8 of the 10 largest ARM companies, and more than one hundred federal, state and municipal government agencies in the U.S. Established in 1980, Ontario Systems is headquartered in Muncie, Indiana. 

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