Unique offering based on a combination of integrated capabilities, modern technology, broad set of features, rapid deployment and attractive pricing

ATLANTA, GA. and LONDON, England — Telrock Systems (www.telrock.com), an emerging leader in collections and recovery software, has announced the launch of Optimus, a new Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise-wide solution that will serve as the new standard for what modern collection platforms require to meet the high and ever increasing demands of credit granting organizations today.

Telrock logoOptimus represents a unique proposition that was not altogether possible for most lenders until now,” says Dale Williams, CEO at Telrock Systems. “This has been made possible through an approach that leveraged a dedicated team with hundreds of years of combined collections software development and domain experience, designing and developing a new solution from the ground up. Unhindered by any requirement to work with legacy technologies or existing solutions, the Optimus team was able to take full advantage of available modern technologies and superior designs supported by such technologies.”

Many existing platforms based on outdated technology and designs are not able to perform in the manner and/or to the degree required for today’s demanding collections arena. Optimus meets today’s collection software demands not because of any one specific feature it provides but because of the more holistic and comprehensive offering that it is:

  • enterprise-wide, fully integrated end-to-end collections and recovery platform
  • built from the ground up with modern technology, tools and designs
  • provides a broad set of new and enhanced features / functions for use with any type of consumer debt
  • capable of rapid deployment/realization of benefits
  • value-based commercial model aligned with benefits derived by clients

“The timing for Optimus could not be better”, says Rob Fite, Telrock’s Vice President of Business Development in North America. According to Fite, the market has not provided any major advances in collections platforms in the last decade. Optimus provides many new features and functions, including digital channel engagement, 3600 customer view and real time work allocation and strategy updates. In addition, mainstay functionality found in most platforms, such as strategy design / deployment, user interface, and reporting have all been significantly enhanced in Optimus, to an entirely new level of capability.

For more information about Telrock and its other solutions, visit www.telrock.com.

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