BillingTree®  is showcasing multiple payment services and solutions at the 2015 ACA International Spring Forum & Expo from March 25 – 27. The offerings featured include a new Regulation E (Reg E) and E-sign compliance service; Check 21 paper check conversion solution and the extremely popular Medical Savings Account acceptance service ‘Health PAS’.  Spring Forum attendees can learn how these offerings benefit Collection Agency bottom lines at BillingTree’s booth 10.

BillingTree is leveraging the Spring Forum to debut an innovative Reg E & E-Sign document management service. The new service allows companies to digitally present, process, and store documentation of recurring ACH payments and signatures in accordance with Reg E and the E-sign act rules.  This helps solve the challenge agencies face managing the documentation and paper trail required to extend consumers installment payment plans, and the required notifications, signature captures and document archiving and retrieval.

Also featured at Spring Forum is BillingTree’s solution enabling agencies to convert paper checks or tele-checks into electronic payments through the use of Check 21. The Check 21 solution creates and submits demand draft documents to the bank of deposit in an electronic form. By combining remotely created checks (RCC) and Check 21 X9.37 files, agencies benefit from direct merchant-to-bank relationships, lower NSFs, and have quicker access to funds from the Fed. The solution removes much of the cost and hassle associated with handling  tele-checks and paper checks (mailed to the agency for payments) while saving the time and expenses related to accepting  these deposits, including printing check images or taking them to a local banking branch.

The third showcased offering is BillingTree’s Health PAS (Payment Ambassador Service) – which allows flexibility for agencies taking payments on behalf of healthcare providers. Health PAS offers three unique ways to capture Medical Savings Account (HSA/FSA) payments: as an extension of the healthcare provider with a dedicated merchant account owned by the provider, a gateway only variation that points to an existing merchant account owned by a health care provider and a hybrid – where a merchant account is opened by the agency on behalf of the health provider – which requires a contingency agreement from an authorized health care provider.

“Collection Agencies continue to face greater regulatory scrutiny while also being pressed for more services and faster returns by their clients,” commented Chad Probst, BillingTree’s Vice President of Sales.  “The services and solutions we are highlighting at this year’s ACA Spring Forum meet the needs of our ARM clientele, enabling them to focus on their core business while more easily and compliantly capturing or converting payments for their customers.”

To learn more about these or any of BillingTree’s offerings, BillingTree staff will be exhibiting and answering questions at booth 10 during the main exhibition hall hours or request information online at

BillingTree’s mission has centered around assisting companies with growing their business by delivering cost-effective, compliant payment solutions that increase and accelerate collections. Committed to and serving the accounts receivable industry for over a decade, BillingTree is the industry leader in the breadth of integrations with core collection platform systems and payment technologies, and in payment compliance. At BillingTree – Your Growth is Our Business. For more information, visit or call 877.4.BILLTREE.

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