Lindsey Walters

Lindsey Walters

Emailing is one of the top ways we communicate with people during business hours. Did you know that 54% of emails sent by businesses are now marketing focused (Epsilon)? If you find yourself reaching out to prospects, leads, or clients in order to market your company, you might want to rethink your standard emails that return no response. Here are a few quick tips to help draft the perfect marketing email:

  • Include a clear call to action: You can have a perfect email, but if you are not telling your reader what to do next, where to go, how to convert, then that email means nothing. This is one of the easiest things to add to your email. Simply add a button, link, or even email with a command attached – like “Click Here,” “Buy Now”, “Contact Me,” etc.
  • Don’t forget to be personal: Technology has made our lives easier. Period. You can send 100, 1000, or even 100,000 emails with one quick click. However, this has also called for emails to be more generic & targeted towards a larger/broader audience. Bring the personalization back! Incorporate names into your email or subject line. Segment your email lists to target smaller or more similar groups.
  • Incorporate your subject line into your email message: Think of your subject line as the theme of your email. You want to incorporate your email message into one short line to tell your reader what this email is about, but you also want to make that subject line a valid point in your message.
  • Optimize your email to be seen on both computers & mobile devices: We are not in Kansas anymore, and emails are not just for computers. To improve the odds of your emails being read, try to optimize your email for both reader platforms. This could include using a one panel email or staying away from tiny fonts. Be sure to send a test email to yourself to see how it looks on both a computer & mobile device.
  • Utilize KISS: Do you ever just see that an email is long and automatically click delete? While all of your information may actually be important, this is not the time to write a novel. People do not always have the time or attention span to read your entire message. Make your point and move along. Keep it simple, stupid.
  • Test your emails: Do not be afraid to conduct your own tests once you have an email ready to go. Many email marketing services have A/B testing features that help make testing the effectiveness of things like best subject lines,  best times/days to send, best layouts, and much more effortless. (Did we mention technology has made our lives easier?) Want to know which title is more effective? Should I make that a link or a button? Send a controlled test out to your audience to experiment and become an email marketing expert!

Now that you’ve mastered creating emails, are you looking to send them out to thousands of ARM industry professionals? No problem. Get your message in front of your ideal audience. Click here to learn more about our eBlast program!

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